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    prevent AccurateRip submission

    I recently used CD Ripper and got files that I know are bad. (I was testing a CD burned with a drive I suspected to be failing.) How do I prevent its info from being submitted to the AccurateRip DB...
  2. Re: Submitting data to AccurateRip from a Mac

    Why the Mac version of dBpoweramp CD Ripper can 'talk' to the CD drive, but the Windows version of dBpoweramp CD Ripper, running through the Wine emulator, cannot seems odd. But let's take that at...
  3. Re: Submitting data to AccurateRip from a Mac

    Since this Mac omission is apparently never going to be resolved, what Windows (read: shitbox) application will submit to the AccurateRip database that does not require installation? I can run a...
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    Re: Submit results to AccurateRip from macOS

    Approximately half of the CDs I have already ripped (1000+) using XLD are not in the AccurateRip DB. Mac is *the* hardware used by professional musicians. Check any recording studio. Check any...
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