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    RimhillEx utility to set drive speed

    If your CD drive isn't one that CDRipper can set lower speeds on, like my Asus DRW-24B1ST, this free utility did it for me running on Windows 10.
    You can find RimhillEx 1.09 at...
  2. Re: Asus 24B1ST drive briefly able to set max speeds

    I solved the problem with a small utility program RimhillEx which I will post about, but before I found it I tried ImgBurn, Audiograbber, and ExactAudioCopy to see what speed controls they offered. ...
  3. Re: Asus 24B1ST drive briefly able to set max speeds

    Thanks! But had already done a couple reboots. Tried a re-install of 16.6 over the existing installation of 16.6, still only Maximum speed, may try an un-install followed by a re-install, have a...
  4. Asus 24B1ST drive briefly able to set max speeds

    I upgraded to an Asus 24B1ST drive and lost my ability to reduce the drive maximum speed in CD Ripper Maximum speed was all that was available, and this is an x47 drive, too fast for some CDs. A...
  5. Error from new -Q (not -q) Lame switch with 3995n lame

    This applies only to halb27s latest 3995n version of lame.exe which has a new -Q switch -- including this switch in the terms passed to the encoder results in a "dEncoder::EncoderBlock" error....
  6. Re: What is the highest quality CD rip setting for mp3?

    I'll try to answer your question.

    Comment: Several years ago I chose to encode my library in MP3 format becase of the space savings -- even in that format I need a 128GB key or card to hold the...
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    Re: CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2012

    One thing that may skew these results is that a person who owns a Plextor (for example) is more likely to have better data bus system and is more likely to have tweaked their drive for improved...
  8. Re: Add -q 0 (Very High quality) to the encoding of lame

    I agree that typing a command line into a dialog box would be ideal.

    If not that, in addition to the numerical value of the -q switch being selectable from a drop-down dialog, I'd like to see the...
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