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  1. Re: Problems with multuple servers since Windows 10 feature update

    Just a thought, if it makes sense. It looks like Asset keeps very separate configuration files for the app running as a service or as a local account. The folder in which settings are stored are at...
  2. Re: Clearing Asset Upnp settings - COMPLETELY


    I do have access to :

    On the other hand, I found that you facilitated us finding that folder using...
  3. Re: Clearing Asset Upnp settings - COMPLETELY

    Thanks for the fast reply. I'll look at it later, but it'll most likely work.
    May I suggest that you include this info in the sticky thread?

    I think I solved the initial problem (phantom...
  4. Clearing Asset Upnp settings - COMPLETELY

    Yes, I saw the sticky post:
    but it is dated 2010, and it does not clear all (I mean ALL settings).

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