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    Re: question about realse

    Therefore, are we to infer that this functionality is not in the cards for Asset? Asset is truly great, just wish I had multi-add for my Sonos. :smile2:
  2. Thread: RipNAS R2

    by cyberlewis

    Re: RipNAS R2

    One thing that I would really like to see incorporated into RipNAS is an option, possibly as a checkbox in the Settings, that would allow me to prevent the ejection of a non-audio disk. This would...
  3. Possible New Feature: Disable RipNAS for Drive

    This may be too much to ask, considering the scope of the RipNAS product, but I was wondering if it would be possible to provide an option, perhaps in the console, that would allow for temporarily...
  4. Re: Ripping/Conversion question (WMA lossless/VBR MP3)

    Thank you very much for the new version Spoon (1.1); it does appear to have fixed the issue with WMA.
  5. Re: Ripping/Conversion question (WMA lossless/VBR MP3)

    Very interesting, Spoon; I greatly appreciate the diligence on your part.

    Please keep me informed if you get any cooperation from MS on this matter. For the time being I will continue to user the...
  6. Re: Ripping/Conversion question (WMA lossless/VBR MP3)

    Wonderful; thanks for looking into this. I also was thinking that it might have something to do with how WHS is accessing the disk(s) for writes.

    I would be happy to run any tests or provide any...
  7. Re: Ripping/Conversion question (WMA lossless/VBR MP3)

    Good stuff, Spoon; thanks for the response.

    As you suggested, I changed my encoder to the Multi Encoder, selected the same WMA parameters as before (WMA10-->WMA 9.1 Lossless, 44kHz, 16-bit 2...
  8. Ripping/Conversion question (WMA lossless/VBR MP3)

    I purchased RipNAS Essentials on Sunday; I saw that it was available from an article at We Got Served, and bought it. It was really a no-brainer; the RipNAS essentials product is well thought out...
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