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  1. How do you configure a USB drive for audio mp3 car playback?

    My Lexus requires Fat with Master Boot, anything other than that will not play.

    I know this is documented somewhere but I can not find it.

    I needed a windows PC to make this work.

    My iMac is...
  2. Making a small USB playlist from a Large Playlist

    I have a folder with 4000 Songs MP3, 400 CD's, in a iMac folder and on a USB drive that I use in my car.

    It is just way too much so I wanted to just make a smaller USB of selected songs based on...
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    Re: Metadata Editor for Mac

    I did buy the Meta app and the add-on. It works well and is easy to use.

  4. Error conversion message, How do I find the log?

    I converted about 4000 flac files to mp3 and several did not get converted.

    App generated a message, but when I closed the window the message was lost.

    Is there a log file, or a history file to...
  5. Re: How do i convert flac files to mp3 keeping the folders in the conversion

    So here is the problem. After spending hours on this I took a flash drive and configured it on a Windows PC Fat32, Master Boot Record.

    Only Apple could mess this up. When you configure a Flash...
  6. Re: How do i convert flac files to mp3 keeping the folders in the conversion

    Thanks but does not work on Mac OS X 10.11.6

    So how do I use Edit Dynamic Naming to take my flac files folders by artist, album

    What string do I enter, and how to I set the conversion to place...
  7. Re: How do i convert flac files to mp3 keeping the folders in the conversion

    So using original source files how do I move these folders and files converted to my flash drive.

    Original Source files did the conversion not to the flash drive but where the files were stored.
  8. Re: Batch convert multiple files in multiple folders but keep the files in original f

    Thank you,

    I now have a flac file, and a mp3 file in the folder so my file size has doubled.

    Aaron Neville
    The Grand Tour
    01 Don't Take Away My Heaven.flac
    01 Don't Take...
  9. How do i convert flac files to mp3 keeping the folders in the conversion

    I have my music collection of 4000 flac songs in 3 folders, with album folders, nested with artist folders, art, etc.

    I want to convert to mp3 so I can play them in my car.

    However when I...
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    Re: Issues with ripping 12 CD Box set

    The album artist is Metha except for a few CD's. The track artist show the composer, like Mozart.

    The album names were exactly the same for all CD's.

    The ripping really made a mess of the...
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    Issues with ripping 12 CD Box set

    Ripped the 12 CD boxed set of:


    Used the following:
  12. Can not add an image attachment on the CD ripper forum???

    File Upload Manager shows 6 old files in it from 2019 in the Home folder.

    Where is this Home folder?

    I can not add any new png, jpg, etc files to it. So I can not add any new image attachments...
  13. CD Ripper can not find album art on discogs

    Trying to rip a 12 CD album set and the art can not be found.

    However, it is on Discogs.
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    Re: Change Compilations to Various

    The files I ripped had the compilation box checked. What does checking the compilations box actually do?
    [MAXLENGTH]240,[IFCOMP]Compilations\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track] - [title] -...
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    Change Compilations to Various

    My question is I ripped about 200 CD's using DBpoweramp with compilations checked so I have a Compilations Folder.

    I sent my other CD's to MusicShifter. They use DBpoweramp and those CD's were...
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    Metadata Editor for Mac

    I have a few CD's I need to edit, find album art, fix metadata, etc.

    I use an iMac Mac OS X 10.11.6.

    Is there a free app for the Mac.

    Most offer trial versions that are limited, and for a...
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    Re: Update will not work on Mac OS X 10.11.6

    Thanks for responding. I was able to get the app back using the Time Machine.

    What am I losing for features since I can not do the update with Mac OS 10.11.6.

    Lot's of people still use El...
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    Update will not work on Mac OS X 10.11.6

    How do I re-download previous versions?????

    I would have thought that the updater would check Mac OS before doing the update.
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    HDCD 20 bit ripping

    I have a lot of these HDCD 20 bits instead of 16 bits. Will DBpoweramp rip to a 20 bit flac format. Do I need to do anything different?
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    Re: Ripping CD's that do not pass accurate

    The strange thing is both these CD's look perfect, no scratches, fingerprints, etc.

    Highway 101,
    Whitney Houston
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    Ripping CD's that do not pass accurate

    In the process of ripping my 750 cd collection, big time consuming job.

    Most of the CD's rip fast without issues, but I have a few that get stuck re-ripping, takes forever, and does not complete a...
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    Trouble Ripping Album

    Highway 101, looked pretty good, cleaned it.

    Only could be 3 secure rips.

    Burst mode for rest return red Inaccurate (15) or (16)

    What does this mean?

  23. Re: Converting music from iTunes to flac does not move Album Art

    So how do you convert an itunes album and move the art work.
  24. Converting music from iTunes to flac does not move Album Art

    I had a bunch of iTunes music that I wanted to move to flac files on my NAS.

    Music Converter great job of moving the files and converting but did not move any of the art work.

    No art, album...
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    Wiped out my iTunes Library

    Now do clear the Music selection converted window? The only way I could see to clear the window was to move items to trash.

    That wiped out my iTunes library.

    Had to put it back from Trash?
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