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    getting album art from freedb?

    I am trying to use freedb for tagging my flac files but it never seems to grab/have album art. Is there something I can do so that it looks up and imports the album art? I am out of free lookups in...
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    AMG lookup question

    I have 350 days left with free AMG lookup but on Batch Ripper it is telling me I have used my free lookups and have to purchase more. Shouldn't I be able to get free lookups on Batch Ripper or is...
  3. trouble with Accurip verifying Bluray drive

    I have a desktop with 2 drives. Accurip had no problem verifying my DVD drive but for some reason with my bluray drive it keeps either asking for 3 discs (and not accepting them) or telling me the...
  4. Ripping in multiple formats (FLAC and WMA) at the same time?

    I am trying to figure out how to set up CD ripper so that it rips both a flac and wma file at the same time for all CD's that I rip (and stores them in two different folders). can someone tell me...
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