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    Re: Is Dynamic Playlist possible now?

    Ok, I appreciate the answer.

    You think it could be a good feature request to have a 'jukebox selection' style in the dynamic browsing where you could select an amount of track to randomly select?...
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    Is Dynamic Playlist possible now?

    Is something like dynamic playlist possible with the new functionality in Asset 6 in regards to the ability to setup items in the menu tha auto-descent the tree?

    Here's an example of what I would...
  3. Dynamic Naming for file location vs Arrange Audio

    Why I can do the following for a file location [Output To] using dynamic naming when converting file:

    [GRAB]1,1,[artist][]\[REPLACE] ,,[artist][]\[REPLACE] ,,[album][]\[REPLACE]...
  4. Re: Can 2 pass encoding happen on temp folder?

    Yes, for some purpose I need to use that. Do you have any suggestions to this?

    EDIT: I think I used DSP/Plug in the past that also generated a temp file to reprocess, can't remember which though....
  5. Can 2 pass encoding happen on temp folder?

    Using R16.2 on PC:

    Can 2 pass encoding be done using the Temporary folder, or Source? Currently it seem when using any encoding using a 2nd pass, it is done on the destination. This can be...
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