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  1. Re: W32.Trojan.Gen detected in SpoonUninstaller.exe

    I've reported it and Webroot have now fixed the problem.
  2. Re: W32.Trojan.Gen detected in SpoonUninstaller.exe

    Thanks! I have done this and there is one virus report from ByteHero. All other results are good. WebRoot is not on the list of checkers used. I will report this to WebRoot.
  3. W32.Trojan.Gen detected in SpoonUninstaller.exe

    My antivirus program (WebRoot) has detected a W32.Trojan.Gen infection in C:\Windows\System32\SpoonUninstaller.exe. Has anyone else seen this?

    Is it possible that something nasty on my machine has...
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    Re: dBpoweramp Renaissance Discussions

    It seems that Renaissance truncates track URLs that are longer than about 240 characters. This causes problems when using Renaissance with MinimServer. Is it possible to increase or remove this limit?
  5. Composer/Album browsing with multiple composers for an album

    I'm trying to create a custom tree that will allow me to search my collection by Composer/Album and then play all the tracks of the selected album. I can do this if all the tracks of the album have...
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    Re: ChorusDS not detecting Asset

    I've got it working now. I disabled the firewall as well as restarting/rebooting everything several times. The firewall is now enabled again and it's still working.
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    Re: ChorusDS not detecting Asset

    I'm having the same problem. This worked fine with Asset v2.1 but stopped working when I upgraded to Asset v3. It appears that some change in Asset between v2.1 and v3 is causing this problem.
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