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  1. Re: Batch converter - variable resolution for Sonos S2

    Thanks Spoon - good to know. Will certainly make batch converting much easier if I don't have to worry about that. What about the difference between 24 bit and 16 bit?

  2. Batch converter - variable resolution for Sonos S2

    This post is prompted by the new Sonos S2 version's ability to play 24 bit files (and a certain amount of laziness on my part). I have a relatively large music collection (around 60,000 tracks),...
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    Problems with cancelling sync

    I'm having problems with cancelling an ongoing large sync.

    Because my computer slows down too much if I'm simultaneously doing my current large initial sync and photoshop editing, I'm currently...
  4. Re: Question about the (automatic) file naming options.


    So, after much experimenting, and finally reading the F...ing manual slowly and properly (as in the old engineering saying RTFM!) I ended up with...
  5. Re: Question about the (automatic) file naming options.

    Thanks. That was going to be my next question - I removed the files but it didn't resync them.

    Thanks for all your help. It must be infuriating when we don't see things that are obvious to you.
  6. Re: Question about the (automatic) file naming options.

    FOLLOW UP - I have done so and am running a test to a spare partition.

    Basically working so far, BUT...

    Something odd. In the case where I only trimmed one layer of folders, I used...
  7. Re: Question about the (automatic) file naming options.

    Thanks Spoon. Or...

    If I set up two syncs - one sourced from the DOWNLOADS HI-REZ\[SOURCE]\ which trims two folders, and another sourced from all the other top-level folders which only trims one...
  8. Re: Question about the (automatic) file naming options.

    Sadly that's only true for the Hi-Rez downloads - everything else has just one top folder. I guess I could create a dummy folder layer between the top folder and the [Artist name] folder in those...
  9. Re: Question about the (automatic) file naming options.

    Although a long term user of dBpoweramp, I am new to Tunefusion. I have a very large library of music in my 'serious' system consisting of a mixture of Hi-Rez downloads, Hi-Rez LP rips, and CD-Rez CD...
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    Last Sync Incomplete message - details?

    I run two syncs - one to create Cd resolution files for my Sonos system, and one to create compressed ogg vorbis tracks for my car - keep getting a message 'Last Sync Incomplete'. Is there a way of...
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    Problem with 'contributing artists'

    Hi, I have a very large collection (around 42,000) tracks, of which around 30% are hi-rez. In order to deal with all the various download managers, my primary folder sort is by source (eg HDTracks;...
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