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  1. Re: Losing Rating after using ID Tag Update Please Help

    Can I ask why you want to remove the replay gain tags? If your renderer/server can apply them it can also turn it off if you want.
  2. Re: Possibility to increase the amount of new albums shown?

    The count is a drop down, so you can't type anything you like.
    Mine is set to 50. I get 50 tracks and 5 albums in Jukebox. But I've only got 23 in New Albums. But that could be because of a time...
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    Re: Asset "Jukebox Tracks" minimum length

    I know, hence in the wishlist. Are you saying it's not possible even in future versions?
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    Asset "Jukebox Tracks" minimum length

    Is it possible to have a setting that filters the track selections according to a minimum length?
    I have a number of albums that have little interludes and talking intros. All very good in an album...
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    Re: Playlists - tip for beginners

    Just to add that if you use a relative path for the files in the m3u and the playlists are all in a folder under the main tree (eg. "music/playlists" then the path would be "../") then you wouldn't...
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    Re: Regarding Converting

    In Batch Converter, set the Output Location Folder to your new folder (eg music\mp3s). Set Dynamic Naming to whatever you have already but is usually something like: [IFVALUE]album artist,[album...
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    Re: Controlling access to asset

    Would the OpenHome player do the trick?
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    Re: DBPoweramp Stops working

    Also. what platform? And it's not an APP. It's a program. I worry.
  9. Re: Jukebox preview playlist not the actual playlist

    The generated list probably isn't preserved in Asset, there would be no reason for it to be as it currently works. So your suggestion would be one for Spoon et al. But I think it would be...
  10. Re: Jukebox preview playlist not the actual playlist

    As stated, it's not a bug. It's down to how the control point collates the tracks into a playlist. Bubble obviously stores what's been requested internally and it only re-requests it if you select...
  11. Re: Jukebox preview playlist not the actual playlist

    I have noticed this too. But seeing as it's random does it really matter? When using the Jukebox Album selection you can then choose which album to play, hence the list. I agree it doesn't quite work...
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    Re: Folder empty for 24 hours

    Any reason you don't run Asset on the NAS?
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    Sticky: Re: Asset Upnp for Synology

    I suspect only 128MB memory is far too small. I'm quite surprised Minim worked to be honest, mine uses 250MB, with "only" just over 1000 albums, whereas Asset on the same machine is only using 50MB!
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    Re: Change control point

    Umm. For one thing Asset UPnP is a server, like MinimServer. You can't "point" it to another server. Are you confusing Asset UPnP with a control point?
  15. Re: Shortcut problem with custom tag (on QNAP)

    Ok, thanks Spoon
  16. Re: Shortcut problem with custom tag (on QNAP)

    Any progress on this? Or is it just not possible for some reason?
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    Re: Logitech transporter and Asset Upnp

    If the transporter is just a player then if it's UPnP compatible, then it will play them from whatever Asset is running on. IOW, Asset runs on a server (PC/Mac/Nas), not the player.
  18. Re: Shortcut problem with custom tag (on QNAP)

    I tried that before - the control point (Linn Kazoo) just shows an endless spinning circle.
  19. Re: Shortcut problem with custom tag (on QNAP)

    I get Album, Jukebox Album Selection, and Jukebox Track Selection. Clicking into Album I get all my "favourite" albums listed (not alpha-grouped), as expected. Adding the &+&Album seems to be where...
  20. Shortcut problem with custom tag (on QNAP)

    Following on from this thread: https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?41587-Problem-Adding-Custom-Tag-to-QNAP-Asset&p=187467*post187467

    I have my Favourites custom tag (either set to 1 or...
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    Re: High Res Audio Files and Streaming

    I don't use Spotify enough to really take much interest in what exact lossy format it is, just that it is such. I stand corrected. 320 is 320 though, mp3 or ogg vorbis. AFAIK they are the same thing...
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    Re: High Res Audio Files and Streaming

    As Spoon has said, no point in up-converting anything. Some say passing 16 bit files through a transcoder to 24 bit can make small improvements to SQ but that's not because it suddenly becomes...
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    Re: What does the suffix IGNORE mean

    That's like asking whether the red button that has a label "Do Not Press" on it should be pressed or not.

    Sorry, couldn't resist ;)
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    Re: Rename photos?

    If you have a PC, try ReNamer (http://www.den4b.com/products/renamer)
  25. Re: Anyone Running Batch Converter on a Synology NAS ? ......................

    If you have a gigabit switch then the speed would be fine. I'd be surprised if it's ok over WiFi though.
    In answer to the question, no there isn't.
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