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  1. Re: Edit ID tags for mp3 files in multiple folders

    Thanks for answering! I already have a lots of audiobooks ripped with that folder structure, so I would prefere to keep it. The question is how well PerfectTUNES plays with that structure.
  2. Edit ID tags for mp3 files in multiple folders


    When I rip an audiobook I have each cd on seperate folders. Can PerfectTUNES edit ID tags for mp3 files in multiple folders, f.x. if I want to change artist for all mp3 files for one audiobook?...
  3. Use same metadata on multiple cds when ripping


    When I rip audiobooks I often want most of the metadata to be the same. When I insert a new cd all the previous metadata is gone and when it is not found in any of the online sources I have to...
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