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  1. Re: Conversion from flac to ios device

    First I need to transfer these Flac files from an external hdd to a MacBook Pro using a dbpoweramp converter. which converter do I use to install on the Mac. I can then sync from the MacBook Pro to...
  2. Re: Conversion from flac to ios device

    I can do this. you said I could get foobar2000mobile and play Flac files on the iPhone and iPad. So what is the method of getting the files on the iOS device? through tune fusion? how does that...
  3. Re: Conversion from flac to ios device

    I wasn't aware of foobar2000mobile. I could possibly download the App from the Apple Store (if they have it) to my iPad. Possibly then get a Usb to lightning cable from the external hdd to the iPad...
  4. Conversion from flac to ios device

    What is the cleanest and most direct way of converting flac files and pushing to ios device. IOS DEVICES, such as iPadPro can now be had with 1TB storage, iPhone with 512GB. And also not using...
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