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  1. Request features for DBpowerAMP and Perfectunes

    I have beed using your software for many years now and it's missing a nice features.

    A Backup and restore button to save settings and folders would be awesome.

    I think all the settings are...
  2. Re: Dbpoweramp Edit Id tags (right click command)

    Ok let's say you already have the album art but it's too big and you just want to resize it. Let's say it's 1600 x 1600 and want to reduce it to 1000 x 1000.

    Normally you should just have to...
  3. Re: Dbpoweramp Edit Id tags (right click command)

    What you mean with next version ? I just bought V17 this week and thought this was fix from previous version.
  4. Re: dBpowerAMP R17 - shell extension right click tag edit

    You have to be in the main folder where the files are stored

    Let's say you have this structure of folders: \Pat Banatar\Greatest Hits\(all the files here)
    if You right click on Pat Benetar...
  5. Dbpoweramp Edit Id tags (right click command)

    Hi, i've been using DBpowerAmp for several years and really like it. I often use the DB edit ID tags to change the album art size or get better quality.
    I also export them to Folder.jpg

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    Compilation and Multi CD

    I have a compilation box of 8 CD's to rip and I want to have this structure for naming my files and folders

    Various Artist\Album Title\CD 1\track - Title

    So What I want is to create sub-folder...
  7. Re: Can't use accurate rip CD to find drive offset

    Well the 3 disc image I made from my original CD are all Accurate and the pressing are also in the Accurate Rip database.

    I wanted to use these CD image to configure the virtual drive read offset...
  8. Can't use accurate rip CD to find drive offset

    I can't use accurate rip to find the offset on my Deamon Tools virtual drive in CD ripper.

    I have made 3 key disk with EAC and they all are accurate. Now I want to find the offset of my Deamon...
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    Re: Mulit encoder question revisited

    Sorry, this is available with the CD ripper !

    If you are still registered with AMG then configure CD ripper to only use All Media Guide to get CD information from the net.

    Also configure AMG...
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    Re: How to Configure file names for folders

    here is what I use

    [IFCOMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],Various Artists[]\[album]\[artist] - [album][IFMULTI] (Disc [disc])[] - [track] - [title][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album...
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    Re: Just purchase DBpower amp reference- update

    Ok the cue sheet will be add to the R13. When this version will be available ?
    Will I also be eligible for the free update to version 13 ?
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    Just purchase DBpower amp reference- update

    I just purchase DBpoweramp reference. When I finish installing the software The configuration window pop-up and I press the update button.

    It show that version 12.1 is available. Bring me to the...
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    Re: Drive not ready error

    You have already mention this in this thread that iTunes installed drivers.

    Why this program can't burn CD if using it's own engine ? When we use a PC it is often that we install different burning...
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    Re: Drive not ready error

    Well I also have a Plextor PX-716A (firmware V1.10) and i'm having the same problem.

    It's start to write for about 2 seconds and then I have a window saying that the drive is not ready. After that...
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