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  1. Re: CD Ripper crashes as soon as I hit the rip button

    Close cd ripper, open configure dbpoweramp and on the music converter tab is an enable debug, enable it then try ripping a disc, when cd ripper closed it should show the log, post it please.
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    Re: Multiple Nimbies?

    I do not know what to suggest, sorry
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    Re: Asset playlist and NAIM App

    Did you create the playlists manually?
  4. Re: Totally confused by CueTools, Perfect Tunes and Accurate Rip

    It is likely that the pressing offset has the higher confidence hence why it was used.
  5. Re: Questions regarding the Purchased and Free versions.

    There will be no Linux version, sorry.

    The trial is the free version, you just happen to get full functionality for 21 days, which surely is a good thing?
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    Re: Advantage using network share vs folder shares

    By network share you mean UPnP? Because a network share and folder share can be the same thing.
  7. Re: Problem registering dmcscripting dll in Windows 64 Pro

    Visual studio 2015 still has this limitation?
  8. Re: Does dbPoweramp for mac support ripping to one single WAV file with cue sheet?

    Not currently no, sorry.
  9. Re: R15.1 Loss of cue points upon conversion from WMA to WMA

    We currently do not plan to support cue points.
  10. Re: COLUMNS: 1) Able to be Reordered, 2) Hold their 'resized' size from disc to disc

    The order and width are saved, if they are not on your system it suggests that dbpoweramp in not allowed to write to the Windows registry, try right click nice ripper >> run as administrator.
  11. Re: Potential Problem with OS X El Capitan and dbPoweramp for Mac CD Ripper

    What cd drive do you have? What exact name is shown for it in dbpoweramp?
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    Re: WMA codec won't load?

    Which version of dbpoweramp do you have?
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    Re: QNAP and DSD Files

    It should be be done in next 3 months.
  14. Re: Can PerfectTunes play FLAC files? Or any files at all?

    It is not a player sorry.
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    Re: Re-scan corrupted files only

    You could move those files to a new folder.
  16. Thread: Rip As One

    by dbfan

    Re: Rip As One

    It is on the title bar in cd ripper, see the help file for cd ripper, if the button is not present then it suggests that the screen resolution is too low.
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    Re: Missing Folder Icon

    There does not exist an icon for just Album Artist, however you could manually add by browsing to the icons folder where asset is installed, copy the artist icon and rename to albumartist (with no...
  18. Re: Does Asset UPnP R4.5 for MAC OS X support DSD (DSF DFF)?

    Hopefully will enter beta test in the next 2 months.
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    Re: Program not compatible with Windows 7

    I do not know what to suggest, a simple part of the program an uninstall entry does not appear, check every program you have installed as something blocks not just the installer but dBpoweramp also.
  20. Re: Not all added content appearing in New Albums playlist ?

    I believe it goes off the last modified date of the files, or creation date.
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    Re: Registration issues - Batch Ripper

    It is likely you have a mix of 32 and 64 bit. Uninstall dBpoweramp, uninstall batch ripper, reboot, install dBpoweramp from registration retrieval, the download a new batch ripper and install to the...
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    Re: Version 5 with oppo bdp-83

    When you click artist album do you see the A to Z selection?
  23. Re: dBpoweramp fails since updating to 15.3 yesterday

    You are using Multi Encoder? if so it has its own naming based on the encoder used, rather than naming on CD Rippers main page.
  24. Re: dBpoweramp fails since updating to 15.3 yesterday

    So if you do a check for system updates it shows a whole big list of updates ready to install? because if it does not, then you have that update already installed.
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    Re: Version & updates

    Run dBpoweramp Configuration (or Configure dBpoweramp), it shows numbers and has a check for updates button.
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