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    Re: Best Naming Convention?

    Thanks I will use that. I also agree with using album artist as that's how I reference my collection.
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    Best Naming Convention?

    I am starting load up my CD's again, and had previously used a good naming convention that was supplied by a member here I think. I lost it as I was using the trial program. I am back at it now,...
  3. Thread: WAV vs Flac

    by BillWit

    WAV vs Flac

    I am just starting to load my CD's, and have always thought that WAV was the best alternative. However I have also seen suggestions that FLAC is a better format for archiving and playing. Interested...
  4. Re: Directory File Structure with Folders: How to do it?

    Thanks I will try it.
  5. Directory File Structure with Folders: How to do it?

    I am brand new to using this and presently trying it out with the trial version. Trying to use the Computer Audiophile strategy or methodology to set up to rip my CD collection. I am trying to set up...
  6. Re: Mixed Track Order From Ripped CDs: How To Correct

    I am also about to start to use that methodolgy and am having some problems. I think it sorts on alphabetical title names, but you can change the sort to track numbers. I don't remember this is...
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