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    Re: CODECs not for OSX versions?

    Thanks very much! I will read the documentation more carefully. I was confused by the text about Windows on the CODEC Central page.
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    CODECs not for OSX versions?

    I am confused about the usability of the CODECs with the OSX versions of DBPoweramp and Perfect Tunes. In particular I need to use the utility CODEC "Tag from Filename" because I have thousands of...
  3. Re: Can PerfecttUNES generate ID tags from file names?

    Thanks very much for your quick reply. I am also trialing DBpoweramp, so I will probably go ahead and purchase both and get the codec. I&*8217;ll be back if I have more questions.
  4. Can PerfecttUNES generate ID tags from file names?

    I received a very large number of ripped FLAC files on a disc. The files do not have "internal" ID tags, so they are not readily usable by many music players. The file names are in the format:
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