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  1. Testing Video Stream Integrity with Video Converter


    I am a long time dbpoweramp user and use it, amongst other things, to test the integrity of audio files in batch mode with the Test Conversion option.

    I have downloaded Video Converter...
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    Asset on Unraid - Guidance

    There are some threads on using Asset on Unraid but they are quite old.

    Would appreciate some guidance on using Asset 7.4 with Unraid 6.10. Best installation and tuning practices etc.
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    Migrating Asset to New Hardare


    I need to migrate my Windows Asset instance to a new Windows server. Any guidance as to how I could do this easily without rebuilding all the Asset instances (I have six) and rescanning all...
  4. Best Practice for Managing Work & Movement Classical Tags?

    I have about 500 lossless classical albums and with Asset R7 support for iTunes classical tags have been looking at the best way to update my library ... but with little success.

    Using dbpoweramp...
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    dbpoweramp or TuneFusion

    I am a long-term user of Asset which I love (the best software is setup and forget it is even there!) but recently I purchased a car with a 7.1 surround system and have ripped some blu-ray music...
  6. Re: Creating MP3 & FLAC Cross-compatible Custom ID Tags for Asset

    Thanks Spoon. I will give that a try.

    I have another question regarding advanced tagging. I would like to use the IPLS tag (Involved Persons List Series) tag to capture musicians by primary...
  7. Creating MP3 & FLAC Cross-compatible Custom ID Tags for Asset

    I have been experimenting with custom ID tags for my classical music collection now that Asset allows multiple instances. I followed the instructions in the sticky post...
  8. Re: Searching Asset DLNA music library using Musiccast controllers

    The Musiccast App is generally good but the lack of a search function is a serious deficiency with a large library. Sometimes I do not want to scroll through long lists looking for an artist or an...
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    Re: Gain Replay Erratic for HiRes FLAC


    Thanks. I am away from home on a business trip so I will post the log at the weekend

    I have tested the wifi network and all my wifi connections are solid. The problems I am having are...
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    Re: Gain Replay Erratic for HiRes FLAC

    To your specific questions:
    1. That is correct, I only have problems serving some 24-bit files
    2. That is correct, the problematic files are exclusively hi-res 2-channel (stereo)
    3. The reference...
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    Gain Replay Erratic for HiRes FLAC


    I am a long standing user of Asset UPNP since v4; it is an exceptional product and I have never had to seek help from the forum. Unfortunately there is always a first time.

    I am...
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