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  1. How do I: create a list of installed codecs (encoders and decoders)

    I want comapre installed encoders and decoders (including versions) on two computers.

    On the first computer there is dbPoweramp Release 14 where I can copy versions of codecs to Clipboard (form...
  2. Re: Can't get Sample Size property for WMA files

    Thank you, after investigating other formats I confirm, that Sample Size, in the case of format mentioned, is not returned too.

    Best regards and thank you for quick answer.
  3. Can't get Sample Size property for WMA files

    I'm using DMCSCRIPTINGLib for reading metadata of audio files.

    For WMA files there is no "Sample Size" property in the string returned by get_AudioProperties() function.

    Returned string looks...
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