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  1. Re: Asset can't see any folders - Its all just blank...

    Hi Spoon,
    yes, its set OK to the mapped network drive Z, but how do I check whether that's reachable to Asset please? I have a laptop that is also on the same router and can see all the Z folders,...
  2. Asset can't see any folders - Its all just blank...

    I would appreciate some help. I was running Asset uPNP on a windows 7 Pro machine (HP microserver), and then upgraded to win10 as Win7 is end of life.. However, I cannot now see any content -...
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    Asset - support for windows 7 x64?

    I downloaded Asset and installed on a win 7 x64 machine, but in Windows Task Manager all the Asset programs are listed as x32... Is there an x64 version available please? I think I downloaded...
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    How do I find and download Batch Ripper?

    Seems a dumb question but have registered and downloaded larger r14.2 (10665KB) and installed on top of trial version (6747KB), but can't find batch ripper. All I am trying to do is use one PC to...
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