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  1. Re: How to reorder naming convention on ripped albums?

  2. Re: How to reorder naming convention on ripped albums?

    thank you. I downloaded and installed it. When I open up the dbpoweramp control center and check in the Audio Codecs, I see the codec listed.
    It was not clear that I had to open Batch Converter to...
  3. How to reorder naming convention on ripped albums?

    On my target disk I have a main directory named Music and sub-directories that are genre. The directory structure currently looks like:
    Music/genre/Artist/AlbumTitle/tracks, for example:...
  4. Re: Classical Music Files = naming convention you follow

    I can help a little. You need to change the Naming setting in CDRipper. In lower LH corner there is a Naming drop down box. I think one of the options in the drop down box is what you need. If...
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    Re: How to re-rip one (damaged) track?

    Thank you. Should I rip then entire CD in burst mode? or is there a way to rip this tract and leave the other tracks as is (from the previous ripping?
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    How to re-rip one (damaged) track?

    I ripped a audio CD in which one track shows up as Rip Status: Error and that track is not on the disk directory (the other 12 tracks are listed).

    My question is: Is it possible to select the...
  7. Re: How to do tag editing after the CD has been ripped?

    Thank you...very useful.
    I did some searching and saw mp3tag and immediately discounted it because I thought it was useful on MP3 format (I ripped everything to FLAC).
    It appears that I may have...
  8. How to do tag editing after the CD has been ripped?

    on my PC, I have a directory labeled Christmas and I put christmas albums in it.

    When one album in particular was ripped, it was identified as Holiday and when the album shows up in my player,...
  9. Re: Editing tag data after CD is ripped and then ejected

    Thank you for the pointer which to me was not intuitively obvious...and neither is exactly how to edit the fields because when I edit the fields through the interface, nothing seems to change when I...
  10. Editing tag data after CD is ripped and then ejected

    Here is the scenario:
    I insert a CD and the track names are empty and I rip the CD then eject it. Later on, I find the names of the tracks and want to edit the track names.
    How can I do that in CD...
  11. Help with re-arranging the order of the tags/resultant directory structure

    The current setting for dynamic naming is:
    [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][]\[album]\[track] [artist] - [title]
    which results in a directory...
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    Re: Help with error in secure ripping

    1a)I am using the Windows version - Windows 10, fully patched. Downloaded & installed the most current version of dbpoweramp.
    Looking at the Dbpoweramp CD Ripper window, in the Rip Status column, I...
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    Help with error in secure ripping

    I am just getting started with dbpoweramp ripper and ran into an issue.
    I configured ripper according to: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/cd-ripper-setup-guide.htm
    (there is no 'save setting' button...
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