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  1. Re: can dbpower cd ripper rip all the tracks and encode after and maybe with a spin u

    Not much point in this, with the Accurate function in place. There would be no advantage to delaying the rip until after some spin up period. And converting on the fly uses multiple CPU cores so they...
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    Re: Dynamic Tagging in Batch Converter

    Or convert the tag from “Album Artist Sort” to “AlbumArtistSort” with no spaces.
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    Re: ALAC enlightenment

    ALAC is simply the lossless encoding version of the m4a format, it still uses the m4a extension. There is no .ALAC extension necessary.

    If you want to keep using FLAC, there are several player...
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    Re: A New Member's Observation & Question

    The metadata you may get in dBpoweramp is not sourced or stored from anything on their side. This is from various 3rd party web sources. If you add PerfectTunes, this actually combines several...
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    Re: 24 Bit Ripping possible

    These CD's may have been mastered with 24- or even 32-bit originals, but no matter how you slice it your are down to the standard redbook of 16bit/44.1kHz by the time it is stamped to the CD. Either...
  6. Re: Any chance batch converter will someday support converting DSF?

    The conversion from analog to digital is painfully slow in real time. But it is also highly enjoyable, as it almost forces us to listen to each album in its' entirety. This is something lost on many...
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    Re: Questions about replaygain

    dBpoweramp has a Replaygain calculator utility included as part of the Reference package. It can calculate Track gain, Album gain, and even add the iTunes Normalization equivalents (you have to...
  8. Re: batch ripper requires music converter r13 reference or newer...

    What version are you currently using?
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    Re: same album name different artists

    This is where a small difference needs to be applied. I have one case with the artist Queen, with two different Greatest Hits albums that they released. For one of them I used a different Unicode...
  10. Re: Problem with PxHlpa64.sys - cannot see CD reader

    Did you delete the file and empty the bin? Can you restore it? Normally in cases like this it is best to leave the file in place, but rename it with a new extension like .old
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    Re: Change GENRE En Masse?

    You can use the Perfect Tunes program from this site, or any number of other metadata tag editors that are available. Some are better than others, but for a simple change like this, most can handle...
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    Re: Custome fields in AssetUPNP

    Like the field for Albumartist there shouldn&*8217;t be any spaces for any of the sort fields. If you use iTunes for example, where sort is supported for Album, Artist. Albumartist. Title, and...
  13. Re: Using DBPOweramp in ipad pro. Is there a way?

    How does one rip a CD or manage a music library on an iPad directly?

    Assuming you actually have some sort of home computer for ripping purposes, or at least for managing your library, that is...
  14. Re: mp3s converted from m4a successfully but fail to copy and paste to my android ph

    Ah makes more sense now. What I was referring to was some of these YouTube "services" that some are using to pull audio content from the online streams for download. Obviously these free "services"...
  15. Re: mp3s converted from m4a successfully but fail to copy and paste to my android ph

    Probably a good place to start is with this "service" that you have used. What file format did you use to convert this from, and why not simply use dbpoweramp in the first place? I have seen many...
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    Re: Volume normalizing

    There should be no difference using RG versus RG Apply when played - except with Apply there is no need to have a player that supports RG. BUT this will destroy the integrity of the original files...
  17. Re: Automatically Naming Tracks in a FLAC file/folder

    So no file names, no track numbers. Does the folder at least contain the Artist and/or Album names somewhere? You mention that it is a good album, do you know who the Artist is from listening? Since...
  18. Re: simple iOS control app for controlling ChromeCast access/playback of content?

    I'm not sure if this can be terribly stable. ChromeCast is finicky at the best of times. But using a mobile app to fetch audio through a DLNA server, then turn that around and stream that audio back...
  19. Re: Which metadata are loaded when CD is inserted?

    So the files are not in the drive you expected them to be, or they truly do not exist at all? For example, if these are compilation discs, can you find them under a "Various Artists" or...
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    Re: Noise in ripped CDs

    @Spoon just asked if the CD you ripped passed AccurateRip verification, and if you had any DSP applied at that time.

    I just added that DSP there to show something for reference. I usually have...
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    Re: Noise in ripped CDs

    I can only suggest it would be a configuration issue. You didn't answer the questions from @Spoon. I would guess that given your hardware "works" using the same machine and EAC, that it is very...
  22. Re: ID TAG UPDATE missing in BATCH CONVERTER (Windows_10 Ver. 16.6)

    @Monsterjazzlick PM sent!
  23. Re: ID TAG UPDATE missing in BATCH CONVERTER (Windows_10 Ver. 16.6)

    And that is why we have the luxury of using software like this to manage our own libraries, instead of using some online database that doesn't work for any of us!:)
  24. Re: ID TAG UPDATE missing in BATCH CONVERTER (Windows_10 Ver. 16.6)

    Awesome, hopefully everything is good now.
  25. Re: ID TAG UPDATE missing in BATCH CONVERTER (Windows_10 Ver. 16.6)

    Agreed, I use the sort tags myself as my old school library-based OCD just won't let me find John Lennon listed under "J" as an acceptable practice!:)

    Some players will filter out The/A/An as a...
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