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  1. Re: CRC embed new tag in previously ripped FLAC

    Thanks again!
  2. Re: CRC embed new tag in previously ripped FLAC

    Thanks @Spoon and @Garym
    Confirming my understanding and some related questions:

    1. My original question was, "how can I find out if a downloaded flac is corrupted?"
    Q - Can I assume that the...
  3. Re: CRC embed new tag in previously ripped FLAC

    @Garym, when I rip a CD using dbpa, I do have a CRC tag embedded in the FLAC. However, in downloaded FLAC files from commercial providers (e.g. Qobuz, Prestoclassical, etc), I do not find a CRC tag...
  4. CRC embed new tag in previously ripped FLAC

    I am running dbpa 17.4. I suspect some FLAC files in my library are becoming corrupt. to check this, I would like to add crc tags to the flacs.

    The FLACs are purchased downloads from...
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    Re: dbpoweramp release 17.2

    [QUOTE=Spoon;201245]Visit http://www.dbpoweramp.com/registration/

    Hmm, I looked for Windows 17.2 version and it is not there. There is a MAC/OSx 17.2
    I have a windows license as does the OP.
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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows] Batch ReplayGain not working

    Sorry for the late reply, but I see you have regressed or fixed the ReplayGain problem in beta 3. I no longer have beta 1 installed. I can reinstall if it is useful - let me know. Where do I find the...
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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows] Batch ReplayGain not working

    I installed Windows dbPA 17beta over 16.6 and re-installed ReplayGain v.5 (latest). dbPA 17 beta does not handle ReplayGain Batch conversion correctly. Only the first track in a directory or list of...
  8. Ref 16.6 Control Center > Configure > Enable codecs MISSING

    I reinstalled dBPA Ref. 16.6 after reinstalling Win 10 (1903) x64. Now I cannot find how to enable Replay Gain and other codecs in the converter. The instructions at...
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    Replay Gain Skips Track

    dBpa 16.4 RG5 Winx64. RG codec set to Track and Album gain. Album selected and codec runs. However one 24 second track is skipped - nothing written to the tags. The other tracks are fine. By...
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    Re: DSP Effects Release 10

    Running x64 version DSP Release 10, trying to do Replay Gain on existing FLAC files selecting files in DMCFileSelector x64. Replay Gain is not offered as a conversion, although it is there in the...
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    Batch Converter file open function

    dbPA Batch Converter version: 14.4 (and 15beta) show the following behaviour:
    Running Directory Opus Pro (4934) x64 on Win 7 x64 as Explorer replacement. It offers shortcuts that open...
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    Re: DSP Effects R9

    A bug perhaps: running 14.4 beta and R9 DSP installed over paid and registered Ref ver 14.3, the new help file (Illustrate/dBpoweramp/Help/Codec/DSP/help.htm) states:
    Alters the frequency...
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    Re: dBpoweramp R14.4 BETA

    Spoon - how about announcing the newest versions in the first post on this forum: where the beta download link is announced (makes it much easier than sifting through the postings and is what other...
  14. Few classical albums in AccurateRip limits usefulness

    I scanned my library today. 168/741 albums reported accurate.

    Disappointingly, 232 of 741 albums not in the Accuraterip database. An additional 328/741 reported as "cannot check", many because...
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    Re: Very Slow Encoding Speed

    Same problem. I have Reference Version 14 and an Asus G73Jh quad core w lots of memory. Very fast on encoding to FLAC. All 8 cores used. Desperately slow going from FLAC to audio (not data) CD. ...
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