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  1. Asset UPNP access through internet/external network?

    Any way to safely allow asset to stream my local library externally on the internet? Been using asset for years on my home network but would like to access my audio library when I'm not at home.
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    Re: Option to buffer?

    I understand that it is usually up to the player but my oppo has no option to buffer and from what I've seen this is not a common option in players. It would be really beneficial if this could be...
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    Option to buffer?

    Could not find it anywhere and not sure there is an option like this but I'd like to setup like a 2second buffer in asset. I have to use Wifi to my oppo95 and I notice the start of tracks it can...
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    Force WMA Lossless to .flac

    Just got Asset and it works really well. I have about TB of WMA lossless audio wireless streaming to the Oppo 95. I'm currently forcing the WMA files to LPCM since the oppo does not directly support...
  5. Re: Convet to WMa lossless and Tag converted files?

    never heard of it, ill give it a try
  6. Re: Convet to WMa lossless and Tag converted files?

    Ok lets say I have some .flac files that are not tagged, however if I decode them to .wav and burn them to CD, the cd ripper properly pulls in the IDtags when the cd is burnt because as a CD it is...
  7. Re: Convet to WMa lossless and Tag converted files?

    Wow what a bummer, so I do have to burn to CD and rip just to get IDtags applied? Seems like a feature they need to implement.
  8. Convet to WMa lossless and Tag converted files?

    Is there a way dbpowermap can convert .flac .wav or .shn to wma lossless and somehow tag it as if it were a cd with all the ID info?

    Or can i point dbpoweramp to a folder with all the tracks of a...
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