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    Re: Asset R5 Discussions

    Does that also hold for an AssetNAS from HFX running Asset 4 with "Premium Registered" functionality (seem to remember something special regarding the HFX-licenses)?

    Regards, Louis.
  2. Re: What does "Free (Limited)" mean as license form?

    Thanks Spoon, will do!
  3. Re: What does "Free (Limited)" mean as license form?

    O, BTW, correction, my 3rd line should read that it shows "Test mode" on the WHS console bottom-right ...

    And the WHS-2011 Dashboard also says "Functionality: Free (Limited)" on the Asset tab.
  4. Re: What does "Free (Limited)" mean as license form?

    That's exactly what I did and that 2nd line I wrote is what it says ... ?
  5. What does "Free (Limited)" mean as license form?

    My new AssetNAS V2 with Asset V4 shows the following about the Asset UPnP license:
    Functionality: Free (Limited)
    It also shows Trial on the WHS 2011 console so I'm a bit worried ...
    Regards, Louis.
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    Regretting preventive measures - PSU dead

    Me and my ideas ... darn!

    Last night the weather forecast was for terrible rainstorms, hail, thunder and lightning, so I decided beforehand to shutdown the family-PC and my RipNAS Statement HDD...
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    Re: Using RIPNAs to Store FLAC Downloads

    You should edit the ID-tags as these are used, not the file and folder names. For this you can use e.g. MP3tag (freeware) and this can also take care of embedding the artwork in each track (or...
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    Re: Batch Track Number Tagging

    And MP3tag offers this functionality as well.
  9. Re: No album and artist information when using Folders & Filename Browsing

    Even with V3 it only shows album-art one level lower - so too late - versus normal search path in my opinion. This means I only see album-art at the track level while it should be at the album level?...
  10. Update/upgrade RipNAS to dBpoweramp Release 14 ???

    Can I get dBpoweramp Release 14 on my RipNAS Statement HDD and if YES then how?

    Regards, Louis.
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    Can auto-eject be turned off?

    Can't find if/where this can be changed for RipNAS Statement.
    Yesterday for the first time after ripping the CD was ejected in such a way that it flew out of the RipNAS' slot.
    I'd been eyeing this...
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    Re: Asset - Album Art sorted by Artist ?

    Spoon, sorry but I agree with bennet on this.
    Sometimes I also miss this functionality when I just wanna be able to "look along my CD-shelves" and NOT know in advance which artist/group I wanna...
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