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    Re: HDCD rip settings

    That's good honest feedback. I guess my initial decision to go with straight lossless ripping and no HDCD was the best one. It's easy enough to convert and see/hear what differences I find, if any. I...
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    Re: HDCD rip settings

    Thanks for the short and simple reply. I remember when I first started ripping my entire collection, I reviewed the DSP options and opted NOT to use Replay Gain Apply or Replay Gain because it seemed...
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    HDCD rip settings

    I ripped all my CDs including a small handful of HDCD discs without the HDCD DSP enabled but want to try reripping with that DSP setting turned on. What's the deal with the box for +6dB amplification...
  4. Re: Is it possible to limit the maximum ripping speed to less than x24?

    I let the drive rest for several hours and tried again, first with C2 on and then C2 off. Got a successful rip of the whole CDR (one track secure with warnings) and so problem solved. Guess my...
  5. Is it possible to limit the maximum ripping speed to less than x24?

    I've got a problem CD-R that I need to rip (a rare artist-released disc from 2001 I paid a large sum for on Discogs). I use Ultra-Secure ripping with C2 pointers and the first attempt it found errors...
  6. How to stitch or join multiple surround audio files?

    I've finished ripping all my CDs with CD Ripper and now I'm almost done with ripping all the music DVD and DVD-A discs with DVD Audio Extractor and converting the WAV files to AIFF with Music...
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    Re: DSD ripping

    Yes, that is exactly correct, Spoon, as I have just now confirmed over on the JRiver forum and Wiki.
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    Re: DSD ripping

    Really? Do you mean to say that with JRMC (which I already have on my Windows PC) I can put a hybrid SACD into my disc drive and rip the DSD layer to a DSD format? I am going to go over to the JRMC...
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    Inaccurate but secure rips...

    What causes a rip to be inaccurate but secure? For example, one CD that I have rips securely after one first pass and then one ultra-secure pass, but is listed as inaccurate "AR (16)" on all thirteen...
  10. Re: A quick question about secure rip results...

    I've tried a number of different discs which I was unable to get secure or accurate rips on some tracks, changing the Ultra Secure settings. In some cases all that was required to get secure rips of...
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    Re: CD-ROM drive with digital output

    I'm not the most tech-savvy person to answer your question, but I doubt if there is such a drive. Seems to me you'd need a control interface of some kind to read the disc, navigate tracks, etc,...
  12. Re: Can't see my subs in AccurateRip. Is my computer ID banned?

    How does one go about seeing if one's submissions are in the database? I always make a point of manually submitting my AR results after ripping a disc that isn't in the database, so I am hoping that...
  13. A quick question about secure rip results...

    After trying numerous times to get an accurate and/or secure rip of a CD (two different copies of the same disc showed errors and inaccuracies on the same tracks, suggesting a defect in the...
  14. Has anyone had any luck ripping this CD error-free?

    Title: Dataplex
    Artist: Ryoji Ikeda
    Label: Raster-Noton

    Here is the Discogs listing.

    Apparently there was a sticker attached to new sealed copies of the Digipak CD reading:

    "This release...
  15. Re: Is there a bug or server issue in CD Ripper today?

    Thanks, Spoon, for your good work and assistance!
  16. Is there a bug or server issue in CD Ripper today?

    Been ripping my CD collection every day with CD Ripper which I paid for and installed on my Windows 10 PC earlier this year. Got all the Accurate rip and ultra-secure rip and metadata ID settings,...
  17. C2 Error Pointers: To Use Them Or Not To Use Them?

    I just posted a different thread about Secure Abort Settings but I am re-posting what I wrote in that thread under a new thread here because the central concern I want to discuss has deviated from my...
  18. Re: Question about Secure Rip Abort settings

    I tried that once before with a disc and it made no difference with C2 on or off but that was because the rip was being aborted because it took too long to rip the track (hour-long track) before I...
  19. Re: Question about Secure Rip Abort settings

    Feel like I am talking aloud to myself here, but in case it means anything I am sharing my questions and findings as I read the logs. One disc where the final four tracks kept failing, sometimes it...
  20. Re: Question about Secure Rip Abort settings

    Looking over the logs for some other failed rips and trying to make sense of the report... Three consecutive attempts to rip a disc with one bad track (final track on disc) and first attempt yielded...
  21. Question about Secure Rip Abort settings

    I am using the latest version with Ultra Secure ripping enabled, drive tested for accurate rips and boxes checked for FUA and C2 (both of which are supported by my drive according the the test...
  22. Re: What are the best optical drives out there right now (2018)? And some other quest

    So after reading thru some different discussions here I am definitely not going to risk buying a used optical drive which may offer compromised performance if it has much wear and tear on it (no way...
  23. Re: Ripping errors on perfectly clean discs

    Thank you for sharing your experience, that is a clear message that sometimes the perfection I seek is unattainable. I think if I bought a second copy of the same pressing with errors then I would...
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    Re: "Smart capitalize tags" option

    I also deeply appreciate the buttons to capitalize or smart capitalize tags. But perhaps in the next update they can correct the spelling. As everyone has noticed by now (sorry to be the pedantic one...
  25. AccurateRip Fails For Entire CD: What To Do?

    I probably don't fully grasp how AccurateRip works, but from what I understand it compares my rip with rips for the same CD as it appears in some database which records rips of the same CD by other...
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