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    Re: dBpoweramp R16.2 beta [Mac]

    16.2b5, Multi-Encoder, 1) flac -8 2) AAC . File name restricted characters set to Defaults for Windows. Ripped CD has a track with a '?' in it. Proceeds to rip CD fine, but with '?' in the...
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    Re: About This Rip Indicator

    I think this means two different DBPA submitted a different AR checksum but yours ripped a different result twice (secure). It could be a scratched disk or some damage. Sometimes when I have a rip...
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    Re: Cannot Create Lossless Uncompressed Rips

    what streamer or playback device are you using to play your flac files ? Have you actually tested whether or not it makes a difference? Windows 10's file explorer integration with flac may be...
  4. Re: File Name Restricted Characters ignored when using Multi-Encoder on Mac OS X

    thanks Spoon.
  5. File Name Restricted Characters ignored when using Multi-Encoder on Mac OS X

    I have been ripping more Classical and Opera CD's and many include restricted characters that I don't want in my ripped file names because they can't be shared via SMB to my several streaming systems...
  6. Re: Are CD drives really this inaccurate? How could our software even work?

    Our ears do not have API integration into the accurate rip database so we are not aware when the scratches, smudges, poor pressings, etc impair the perfect transfer of digital audio going down our...
  7. Re: New user - should I send cd back to Amazon when I get an error?

    optical disks ripping abilities do vary - my standard Mac Pro DVD drives usually rip new factory CD's fine, but my Panasonic USB BD drive can rip disks the standard Mac drives can't (such as used...
  8. Re: Mac Ripper - manual submit to AccurateRip?

    as a long-term user of DBPA, and now a only-Mac OS X DBPA owner, I would hope that the future versions of the Mac OS X app can submit to AccurateRip.
  9. Re: How do you separate your singles, live cds, from your albums, etc.

    I have separate /mnt/media/live for live bootlegs, audio recordings, and /mnt/media/music for CD rips and commercially released audio (HDtracks downrezzed to 44.1/16 because my Sonos network...
  10. Re: I'd Like Your Advice/Opinion: Ripping My Collection for the Last Time (Hopefully)

    I re-ripped my CD collection last year using DBPA V15 (I have a little over 10% of yours, so around 2,600 CD's) and I was very happy though only 15% is classical/jazz . I think the metadata standards...
  11. Re: I'm on Release 14.4 and see no reason to upgrade. Anyone else?

    some were lossy :-), some were done with EAC without accurate rip. what can I tell you, it was a labor of love, never to be repeated (hopefully!) !!!
  12. Re: I'm on Release 14.4 and see no reason to upgrade. Anyone else?

    I liked DBPA V15 so much that I re-ripped my entire (2,400) CD collection with it in 2014. With windows 7, I don't like the windows 8 UI as much, so hopefully with future versions I can use Mac OS X...
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    Re: dBpoweramp Music Converter OS X Discussions

    latest Mac beta, couldn't skip a problematic track during a rip like I can on windows. also changed the name of the cover to folder.jpg and it didn't appear, it would appear as "Folder.jpg" (capital...
  14. Re: Best DVD drive for reading scratched discs - TEST RESULTS / ON-GOING

    when I recently re-ripped my 2,200+ CD's I found that a newer Matshita BD-CMD UJ141AL USB bluray reader totally outperformed my Apple standard Optiarc's DVD RW AD-7170A when ripping scratched disks.
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    Re: dBpoweramp Music Converter OS X Discussions

    My CD Drive was also not recognized for accurate rip, and used in Vmware Windows 7 : OPTIARC - DVD RW AD-7170A
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    Re: Newbie Ripping Question

    I also use flac at home and mp3 in the car, there is a multi-encoder option in DBPA cd ripper that rips first in flac losslessly, then in mp3 lame for portable / car usage. Works great!
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    Re: Blu-Ray audio disc support

    I bought one of these discs last year because I was curious - it was encrypted so extracting the content (eventually high-resolution flac files) was not particularly challenging but contravenes U.S....
  18. Re: New To Ripping CD's - Large Collection - Using DBP - Online Tutorial Available?

    for that many unripped CD's, I would use the "Batch" mode and buy a NB21-DVD by Acronova (does 50 at a time I think).
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    Re: Several Kodak Kiosk G4 drives for sale

    I might be interested in buying one, depending on price and availability of the driver ... Please PM me.
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    Re: Post-BatchRipper work

    I do all CD ripping using DbPowerAmp with a destination directory remotely mounted over the network from a ReadyNas file server. I bet you could mount the "share" over the network on your ripping PC...
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    Re: Dbpoweramp on an iMac???

    i use Dbpoweramp on an MacPro desktop, using windows XP inside of VMWare Fusion. It works great and doesn't require a reboot, just runs fine inside of VMWare.

    I recommend VMWare over Parallels....
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