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  1. Re: Import txt-file or exce - How to copy and paste a complete list of titles of an a

    As I sit here re-ripping several of Dave's Picks I whole-heartedly agree. Even something as simple as "paste all titles from clipboard", and if there aren't the right number of lines, then error.
  2. Re: Conditionally Rip with a multi encoder?

    Thanks, I have it set up and will try it when the ebay shipment gets here :D
  3. Conditionally Rip with a multi encoder?

    I rip my CDs to ALAC for simplicity with iTunes & roon integration. If they are HDCDs I also rip a FLAC copy with the HDCD DSP set (to a secondary location)

    Is there a way to automatically have...
  4. Re: Problems ripping HDCD on mac: Exporter at 0%

    Moving the ~/Library/dbPoweramp out of the way fixed it. Looking through what you were asking for I found the problem: When I converted my scratch disk from a spinny-disk stripe to an SSD stripe I...
  5. Problems ripping HDCD on mac: Exporter at 0%

    Hi -

    I am trying to rip an HDCD on my mac (grateful dead 30 years around the sun). I have tried a few combinations, including ALAC + HDCD DSP, with and without the 6db thing checked, and the...
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