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    Windows 11 Support (New Context Menu)

    Are you planning to update Video Converter (as well as your other tools) to support the new Context Menu in Windows 11 File Explorer?...
  2. Re: Multiple composers and artists not stored with ;

    Just found the Tag Manipulation "DSP" that sorts this... for anyone facing the same, just add the "ID Tag Processing" DSP and set the Manipulation option "Multiple Artists to 'Artist1; Artist2' (for...
  3. Multiple composers and artists not stored with ;

    I have a problem with multiple entries in composer and artist being separated with two back-slash characters "\\" i.e "Paul Statham\\P. Angel Gabriel\\Dido Armstrong" rather than using the semi-colon...
  4. Download on Windows 10 using Edge and IE11 does not work

    Trying to download the latest version (purchased) and, in Edge and IE it does not download - it shows the URL being called for the file and the filesize, but not the filename.
    Using Firefox on...
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