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  1. Re: PerfectTUNES not picking up album art on my NAS

    OK - thanks. I'm in the location with the RipNAS and am running perfectTUNES on it now. Will run a Twonky scan when I get back to the other location. I'll post the results.
  2. PerfectTUNES not picking up album art on my NAS

    I have a ReadyNAS NV+ with arounfd 600 albums on it in FLAC format. It uses Twonky. I ran PerfectTUNES and in the app itself all the album art appears, except for an obscure handful. However, when I...
  3. Thread: Metadata

    by organgrinder


    I've just bought dbPoweramp and when I enter the order number to register with the meta providers, I get a message which says "cannot connect to dbPoweramp no Internet connection". My Internet...
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