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  1. Re: Unable to open C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\encoder\m4b(Audio Book)\encoder.txt

    Perfect, that solved it. Thanks!
  2. Re: Unable to open C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\encoder\m4b(Audio Book)\encoder.txt

    I am having this issue recently, even though I just updated the program to v17.3. Can you offer any assistance?
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    Tag From Filename, then Convert To FLAC?

    After I digitize an album and break it up into tracks, I'm left with a group of WAV files. Then I have to do a 2-step process in dbpa: 1) tag from filename; 2) convert to flac.

    Is it possible to...
  4. Re: dBpoweramp hangs constantly - GetPopupInfo.exe

    Thanks, I'll do some testing with the AV disabled. I've had some other issues with it as well over the past year or so since Webroot bought it. When it used to be PrevX it was hands-down the best AV...
  5. Re: dBpoweramp hangs constantly - GetPopupInfo.exe

    Webroot (formerly Prevx).
  6. Re: dBpoweramp hangs constantly - GetPopupInfo.exe

    WAV and FLAC.
  7. dBpoweramp hangs constantly - GetPopupInfo.exe

    When I'm tagging files, dBpoweramp seems to hang maybe one out of every 3-4 times. It happens when I'm tagging files on the local drive as well as on network drives. Windows end process dialog seems...
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    Re: WAV - APE: Markers & Regions

    Is this something dMC can incorporate soon? It's frustrating to have to use two programs for the same things.
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    WAV - APE: Markers & Regions

    When I convert from WAV to APE within dMC, all my markers and regions are lost.

    However, doing the conversion within Monkey's Audio's standalone encoder/decoder, they are all retained.

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    Re: Intelligent Defaults Request

    Oh, and I guess one more...

    3) When you're in "edit ID tag" mode and you double-click the cover art to view, it would be really nice if the resulting viewing window had SCROLLBARS for cases when...
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    Intelligent Defaults Request

    Just a couple quickies:

    1) When in "edit ID tag" mode, when you click "add album art", it would be SUPER helpful if the program defaulted to the CURRENT FOLDER, where the files being edited are. I...
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