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    Re: Volume Normaize Settings Clarification

    I hope you read the help file, a clip of which is here:

    Volume Normalize

    There are 6 different ways of adjusting the volume of an audio track. Note volume normalize is actually applied to...
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    Re: How do I suppress repetitions?

    Hello my friend, First, for us to help you, try not starting a new thread with every question. My current list of new posts has three different threads you started, two are on the same subject and...
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    Re: Naim App doesn't find Asset on network

    You might consider rebooting your switch and/or router. Sometimes these problems are caused by network problems, not application issues.
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    Re: Sync problems using foobar mobile

    Hi I downloaded the update, and ran it this evening to sync my master files (two large directories, one almost all FLAC and one all old m4a files) to my directory prepared for later sync with phone. ...
  5. Re: Can't configure Accuraterip with SATA adaptor

    I've had no problem with one made by Kingwin, and ones made by Sabrent. Not sure the Sabrent ones are now being made. The Kingwin has conversion for both IDE and SATA. (not that I was looking for...
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    Sticky: Re: CD Drive Accuracy 2019

    My experience has been that most external drives are not very good. Besides accuracy problems, most are slow. When ripping to my laptop, I use an "internal" drive with an external SATA power supply...
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    Re: Sync problems using foobar mobile

    Hi Peter,

    I've been going to write a post on my issues with the Foobar option of TuneFusion (attempted shortly after the last update), but have been otherwise occupied and went back to pulling the...
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    Re: Weird problem with "once around" dropouts

    OK you can ignore this one! I discovered that most any track I played had the same stuttering issue, including stuff that wasn't on a CD ever. Thinking that it might have had something to do with...
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    Weird problem with "once around" dropouts

    So I just ripped an old CD, and one of the tracks had a couple hundred "rerips" at the beginning. I listened to the FLAC file which I had generated, using Foobar, and sure enough, there were brief...
  10. Re: Classical Music Files = naming convention you follow

    Actually, unless your player depends on filenames instead of tags (unusual, except for some cases when you use a USB stick in a car) it isn't the filename (set by the naming string) that is...
  11. Re: Classical Music Files = naming convention you follow

    Hi, yes tagging and playing properly tagged classical music is a mess! Experiment in what works for your player(s) and your taste. I use a variation of Oggy's system. My title for the above...
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    Re: How to re-rip one (damaged) track?

    I'd suggest first cleaning the CD carefully and reripping the one track in secure mode, to see if it will then rip securely. If it still fails, then rip that one track in "burst" mode and listen to...
  13. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    1.1.39 behaves the same as 38. Ran it several times in succession. I'll send the logs attached to email(s) Ignore the V and a number appended to the file name, that was to keep them from getting...
  14. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    1.1.38 still fails. Runs for a while, with some errors, and finally fails.

    I tried to post the detailed log but the forum says it has too many characters. I can send it to you by Dropbox or...
  15. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    Thanks for looking into this, also for clarifying that it is using the wifi connection, which I should have realized as the only bluetooth connection the phone has in the house is with Android's...
  16. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android


    I've never made Tune Fusion work via Bluetooth with my Android (Samsung 7 Edge, current software) Saving to "music" on SD card. Same sync with SD card removed from phone and in USB adapter...
  17. Re: Keeping metadata across multiple disks in a set

    This is fairly easy to do in mp3tag with a little forethought BTW, mp3tag works with almost any audio format, not just mp3.
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    Re: CD Ripper Had Worked Perfectly

    Are you logged on to the computer as user "vicbe"? If not, Windows probably can't write there.
  19. Re: How to do tag editing after the CD has been ripped?

    In Windows Explorer, find the album on the hard drive you store the ripped albums on. Click on the entry to open the directory and see all the files Select all the audio files (in what ever format...
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    Re: Volume Normalization

    Hello David,

    It would be worthwhile to educate yourself concerning dynamic range as applied to digital recording and as applied to analog vinyl recordings, the term "headroom", the term...
  21. Re: CD Ripper reads and then removes CD-Text and CD-ISRC, leaving metadata fields bla

    Hi Dennis,

    I'm using dBpoweramp to get the metadata. And it reads the garbage CDtext that is sometimes on the CDs. Now be aware that these aren't major record companies, just small recording...
  22. Re: CD Ripper reads and then removes CD-Text and CD-ISRC, leaving metadata fields bla


    While that might seem to make sense in your case, I think some of us might run into problems. I'm surprised how many of my international (mostly Caribbean) CDs have extraneous data...
  23. Re: Combining multiple tracks into single track when converting?

    There is plenty of audio editing software which can do this easily. I suspect Audacity, which is free, can do it (I don't happen to use Audacity, but it is very capable). With the editors I use, it...
  24. Re: "Item Not Found" error when attempting to copy flac files from one drive to anoth

    Is your antivirus locking the file while it checks it for a virus? Is your firewall sometimes blocking access to the drive? You might try temporarily disabling them and see if the problem ceases. ...
  25. Re: Editing tag data after CD is ripped and then ejected

    Gary and Jeeps, using the tag editor, if you right click (in Windows) on all or a group of selected track files in a folder, and select "Edit ID Tag" you can edit a tag either in all the tracks (one...
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