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    Re: Cannot Rip a music DVD

    dbpoweramp cannot rip a DVD. CD's only.
  2. Re: Best way to rip? Oppo BDP-103 + Synology 413 Play NAS

    The Oppo will not rip CD's. It can be used to rip SACD layer of a SACD using sacd_extract. However this is not relevant to this forum.
  3. Thread: Rip SACD?

    by Arnold_Layne

    Re: Rip SACD?

    Easier done with a Pioneer or Oppo BD player. Works with current firmware and probably cost less than a restored older gen PS3.
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    Re: WAV conversion

    Right clicking on the file and choosing "convert to" then use the DSP "ID Tag Process" then click on the Deletions tab and choose "all tags".
  5. Re: ...CD Ripper Cannot locate Metadata - Windows Media Player locates metadata

    A program like Mp3tag would help you. Rip the cd without meta data in dbpoweramp, then use Mp3tag to add tags from amazon or discogs database.
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    Re: Perfect tunes tagging and .dsf files

    Thanks Spoon. Problem solved.
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    Perfect tunes tagging and .dsf files

    Seems I cannot tag .dsf audio files with Perfect tunes. IDtag explorer menu however will since I have the DSD plug-in, but not in Perfect tunes. Will this feature be included in an update?
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    Re: De-emphasis.

    Simple SoX script I found and use. Copy and past the following into a new notepad file and save as a .bat extension. Put the batch file in same folder as the SoX program files.

    rem Example of...
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    Re: CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2014

    I have the internal version of this same drive (BH14NS40) and it rips cd's rather quickly. Could be a problem with the USB interface.
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    Re: Ripping Speed

    I'm sure someone else will chime in on speed setting. However, setting the mas speed to 4x is a waste of time. If the drive reads accurately at 15x speed, then slowing it down to 4x will take nearly...
  11. Re: Upgraded to 14.3...Converter now "chipmunks" the song...

    Both files play fine on my Windows 7 set up using Foobar 2000. It's not the conversion.

  12. Re: Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes

    That did the trick. Thanks Spoon.

  13. Re: Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes

    I'm using dbpoweramps tag editor. However there is no tag that I can see called "explicit".

    Here is a screen grab of the tags:
  14. Re: Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes

    Still not working. I do as you say. Then I delete the album from itunes, then import it again, it still shows as explicit. I don't see any tagging that would cause this, nor does itunes have any...
  15. Re: Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes

    There's no tag "Explicit" yet the songs do show as explicit in itunes.

  16. Re: Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes

    Dumb question: What do I need to edit in the tags to fix the Explicit lyrics issue when importing Apple Lossless to iTunes? I have upgraded to R14.4 beta.

  17. Re: HDCD dsp, meaning you can rip SACD at 24bits, or not?

    HDCD is not SACD. The SACD layer cannot be ripped on a computer drive. You can only rip the CD layer of an SACD.

  18. Re: Trying to rip Pink Floyd Boxed Set (Shine On)

    This situation happens with many boxed sets that contain CD's that were also issued as stand alone. Shine on box set contains remasters of various studio albums. Some of those remasters were issued...
  19. Re: Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes

    I noticed the same thing. I thought itunes had done it's own thing and marked the tracks as explicit. Most the the albums I had converted are rock/metal. Glad to know it's a bug that will be foxed...
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    Re: PerfectTUNES discussion

    Just a suggestion. Is it possible for you to include a context menu entry for the perfect tunes accurate rip checker similar to dbpoweramp's ID tag and music converter?

  21. Re: Avoiding overwrites with same track names?

    Normally when I use smart metadata, songs that are "alternate takes" are listed as such

  22. Re: Avoiding overwrites with same track names?

    Two options: Edit the metadata to include "alternate take 1" or something similar to the track name
    Or, use track numbers in your naming scheme.
  23. Re: "bootlegs"...pleasantly surprised to get an Accurate Rip....:) (of Van the Man)

    It's not surprising. I doubt the Accurate-rip database distinguishes between legit CD's and bootlegs.

  24. Re: Keep converted files a sub folder of original folder?

    Ok that worked after I figured out that I need to set the Folder setting to the drive I'm working with (it was defaulting to the Music folder on the main drive).

  25. Keep converted files a sub folder of original folder?

    Here's the scenario:

    Say I have a folder "C:\Name of Album" and in that folder are songs in SHN format. I want to convert the SHN files to FLAC but keep the original SHN files and have the FLAC...
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