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  1. Re: Where does Tunefusion store music files on an android mobile

    The default location of synced music is within foobar2000 application data; it cannot be accessed by other apps such as file managers. Obviously uninstalling foobar2000 removes this folder, but...
  2. Sticky: Re: dBpoweramp Music Converter for Mac, version R16.6 beta

    Note major change in beta 5: you no longer have to check the forum for new betas from now on.

    When running a beta version, the launcher window will tell you when a newer beta is available, rather...
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    Sticky: Re: PerfectTUNES for Mac, R2.3 beta

    Note that beta 3 fixed a large number of known issues as well as brought the features up to date with the Windows counterpart.

    Stable version will be out soon. Everyone is encouraged to test.
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    Re: Dedup Can't find trash/bin

    Thanks for the bug report.

    The problem will be addressed in a new version soon.
  5. Re: Multi Encoder - not writing second disc in multi-disc sets to log file

    Fixed in new beta-
  6. Re: Mojave running Music Converter & PerfectTunes not showing NAS Drives

    Network shares should show under "Volumes", not "Network", due to mac OS changes, but otherwise they appear to be functional?
  7. Re: Multi Encoder - not writing second disc in multi-disc sets to log file

    Thanks for the bug report.

    The problem has been confirmed and will be fixed shortly.

    Using /../ seems to do the trick, causing parent directory to be used:
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    Re: Rip Status History No Longer Working

    Thanks for the bug reports.

    I presume that by "IOS" you are referring to Mac OS.

    Issues related to retaining the metadata of previoiusly ripped CDs are being investigated and will be addressed...
  9. Sticky: dBpoweramp Image Converter for Mac, R1.5 beta

    Current version: R1.5 beta 2


    Changes since R1:
    Added source image preview in Batch Converter.
    Added output image preview,...
  10. Sticky: dBpoweramp Video Converter for Mac, R1.6 beta

    Current version: R1.6 beta 2


    Changes since R1.5:
    Added "extract audio" codecs.
    Updated video concatenate tool, no longer...
  11. Re: Asset on QNAP adding music from snapshot folders

    Thanks for reporting - "@Recently-Snapshot" has been added to the list of excluded folders and will be ignored starting from the next update.
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    Sticky: Re: Asset Upnp for Synology


    Intel x86 and x86_64 - that is whole range of Intel, including Atoms - is supported

    Sorry about the wrong info. I should have replied sooner.

    You can always get the trial...
  13. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    Just released: TuneFUSION R1.1 and foobar2000 mobile v1.1.40 beta.

    Lots of reliability problems have been addressed. Thanks for the detailed bug reports.
  14. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    Thanks for your feedback.

    foobar2000 mobile ver 1.1.39 is finally live (as beta) on Android and will be released to beta testers on iOS tomorrow as well. It fixes some of TuneFUSION related bugs...
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    Re: Asset on raspberry pi

    From Asset's main status page, click "Manage Asset instances". You can add/remove/configure specific Asset instances from there.
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    Re: Visual glitch dBpa 16.5 macOS Mojave

    Thanks for the feedback, the problem has been noted.

    In meanwhile, I recommend trying dBpoweramp R16.6 beta - which is built using latest Xcode and more thoroughly tested on Mojave at least as far...
  17. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    I just posted a beta update to foobar2000 mobile for Android, 1.1.38.

    Some of the known issues have been addressed, I'm still investigating the details.

    In particular, it turned out that the...
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    Re: Manually add and update catalog * tag

    You can just add a new field and manually type "catalog" as field name.

    We'll add the ability to customize shown-by-default fields in a future release.
  19. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    Various bugs with TuneFUSION vs foobar2000 mobile are being investigated, thanks for reporting.

    Note that there's no "bluetooth sync", it's all plain TCP/IP networking over your phone's wifi...
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    Re: Asset R6.2 does not send composer

    Fixed in today's beta-

    Note: If you're a registered user, the beta will function as registered if...
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    Re: Asset R6.2 does not send composer

    Problem being investigated, thanks for reporting.
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    Re: Tracks associated with Wrong CD

    Thanks for the bug report.

    Please open Asset settings, click Download Configuration Dump: Complete (large file); send the file to peter@dbpoweramp.com for analysis.
    If the file turns out to be...
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    Re: Edit Id-Tag (Bug): Custom tags

    Windows Explorer names the field 'comments'. Other apps refer to the same field by 'comment'. Please use 'comment' when working with dBpoweramp tag editor.
  24. Sticky: Re: dBpoweramp Music Converter for Mac, version R16.6 beta

    Thanks for the sample.

    Problem addressed in beta 2.

    If anyone else is experiencing this and doesn't want to try beta versions - it goes away if you delete "grouping" tags. Note that Windows...
  25. Re: m3u playlist of files in external storage does not recognize correctly

    Added fix in version R6.3 beta 2-
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