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  1. Re: how to set a rescan interval (eg every 10mins) on Win10

    Windows does not have a schedule option, because local file storage on Windows is 100% reliable at notifying of changes.

    Where are your files stored?
  2. Re: Correct Artwork, Right Music but Artist, Album & Track Names are Bollocks

    Online metadata is far from perfect, for any program. All you need to do is verify the tracks before ripping, if there is a miss-match click the green tag icon on the titlebar, it could be that one...
  3. Re: Control panel for pc missing from asset download

    Try to reinstall it, the control panel is just an icon in the start menu.
  4. Re: Unchecked Tracks I Didn't Want but They Have Still Been Ripped, Why FFS?

    You have to uncheck the tracks before clicking Rip.
  5. Re: Batch Ripper - Album Art - Choose from internet

    Batch Ripper does not have this functionality.
  6. Re: Recovery from Crashed Batch Conversion of 18,000 files - what is left to convert?

    Just run the conversion again and when asked if want to overwrite existing, choose no.
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    Re: Editing Track Nos

    You can upload the image to an external image hosting site and post the link.
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    Re: Renting autoloader for my 1000+ CD's

    If you say which country you reside you might get offers from private people.
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    Re: Music Converter & CD Ripper id tag issue

    dBpoweramp does not associate or change html files in anyway, let alone try to id tag them. There is no such thing as an id tag for HTML files.

    Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?...
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    Re: Scanning album art in 17.3 stopped working

    I read that Discogs has shut off the album art to external programs, you can click the cd disc icon after retrieving and dBpoweramp will present choices from the net.
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    Re: Need checkbox for multiple discs

    If you want to force it, create a new profile and not even use [IFMULI] just have the naming to what ever you want for compilations.
  12. Re: dBpoweramp 16.6 and gnudb or http://freedb.dbpoweramp.com/ instead of freedb

    Either it will work or it will not, if working then the right setting.
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    Re: ReplayGain: Disable Clip-Prevention

    The dBpwoweramp process does not change the audio data, just the tags, it looks like that option in foobar is changing the data.
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    Re: Problem whith encoding

    Check your output location exists, browse to it using Windows File Explorer or Finder on the mac.

    If it does, try converting those files to the encoder set to 'Test Conversion', does that work?
  15. Re: Reencoding sample rate vs. DSP effect resampling

    Replaygain would not downsample. However the DSP effect 'Resample' is the highest quality method of downsampling.
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    Re: Edit filenames to match tags?

    Yes it is included as standard in R17.4 on the Mac, it is under the encoder menu choices.
  17. Re: Ripped 320 kbps MP3 files will not play on any player

    Try setting a lower bit rate as a test, 128kbps and try with the DSP effect 'ID Tag Processing' set to remove the ID Tags, again as a test. Play around until you find what those players are not...
  18. Re: Accuraterip: how to manually set CD drive offset?

    We do not offer manual setting of the offset, sorry. That said, it would only configure to the measured drive offset using a real CD, and matching against AccurateRip. I would be inclined to believe...
  19. Re: Asset UPnP : Install paid version on WHS 2011 after the trial

    I do not know sorry, your WHS is not accepting any installs.
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    Re: changing directories of ripped discs

    This is OSX? and if you use finder to browse to


    this is where your music resides? and the permissions are set on the folders to allow your account read access?
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    Re: FLAC or ALAC, which one to choose

    The quality should be identical, they are both lossless formats.
  22. Re: Asset UPnP : Install paid version on WHS 2011 after the trial

    You could try this:

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    Re: behaviour with commandline

    dBpoweramp does skip the file, it is just dBpoweramp returns an error state, and how you are calling dbpoweramp that is stopping, not dBpoweramp (which is called individually for each file).
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    Re: RipNas - Changed Optical Drive

    I do not have these instructions sorry, basically the ripnas was hard coded to the teac drive, a new drive it is not possible to configure the drive to rip.
  25. Thread: Tracks numbering

    by Spoon

    Re: Tracks numbering

    Extract it how? how are you using track number and in which program?
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