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  1. Re: Artwork not showing (after moving to Windows 10)

    Keep windows 7 just for dbpoweramp. Get a used MacBook Pro for everything else. Its virus proof. In any event, I have kept my Windows 7 on two computers, but only use it for dbPoweramp. This is a...
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    Re: Dbpoweramp vs exact audio copy

    Its the best money I've spent too. I've just finished importing about 2700 CDs and I have cover art for each one of them in either .wav or .aif, both uncompressed digital files. Heretofore, these CDs...
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    Re: Help with error in secure ripping

    I was having an error message on all compositions. The problem was I was plugging in and taking out different drives and the drive for the music shifted from Drive E to Drive F. I changed the path to...
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