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  1. Re: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    Thank you!!! That is exactly what I was after.

    It did add a duplicate "01-" to the beginning of the filename, like WMP used to do (IIRC) when I added "01-" to the track title before ripping.
  2. Re: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    It's not that it orders them that way, I just like seeing the track number there. One of my many foibles.

    I also have separate versions of the albums for the Jeep that have Band Name-Album Name...
  3. Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    I haven't gotten a ton of new CD's in the past couple years, so fiddling with different aspects manually when ripping in WMP hasn't been a major issue.

    But, I just "caught up" on about 28 CD...
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    Re: Ripped albums vanishing

    I do not use a synching program, I just copy the folders into the various back-up locations.

    I mean, it's not widespread, and has only happened (that I'm aware) on a few new releases (the last...
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    Re: Ripped albums vanishing

    Sorry, just WMP. I found an older thread here with a lot of mentions of WMP, so hoped for the best.

    This might be more of a question about proprietary related factors of a ripped album, if that's...
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    Ripped albums vanishing

    Whenever I buy a new CD the last several years, I rip it in WMP as soon as I open it. Lately, I've had some turn up completely missing. WMP doesn't "remember" them when I put the CD in.
    They are...
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