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    Re: free mac apps that can play flac files

    There are some programs listed here that might help you - http://www.pristineclassical.com/More/FLAC-MacFLAC.html
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    Re: LITE-ON IBHS112 review

    Thanks for that review. Sounds like a great drive! It's incredible how different drives really do make a difference sometimes. Some drives just really have a hard time on a track, where another...
  3. Re: Is it possible to rip a music (e.g., AIFF) sound track to a concert DVD?.....

    You could try HandBrake (Free) (if the DVD isn't copy protected, most are), or you could try DVDFab (Free trial / pay) (if the DVD is copy protected). Not 100% sure if HandBrake can rip to AIFF/WAV...
  4. Re: where is a summary of how to read the ripping reports (secure, insecure, accurate

    The help files installed with dBpoweramp are in your Windows Start menu. Click Start (the windows button) then scroll down to dBpoweramp. There's a subfolder called "Help" then select "dBpoweramp...
  5. How was 0 drive offset determined when Accuraterip was developed

    I have some questions which I've been curious about - When Accuraterip was first being developed, how was it determined/decided what a "0" offset would be? Is there such a thing as an "absolute...
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    Drive read offset question

    If my drive read offset is +48 in dBpoweramp and my drive cannot read into the lead-in or lead-out, do I have it correct that only the last 48 samples of the last track on each audio CD will be...
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    Re: AccurateRip Instructions ?

    This link might help - dBpoweramp CD Ripper - Setup Guide.
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    Re: Video thumbnails don't show with ref installed

    I've noticed this problem too, but with WMV video files. If I have the "thumbnail provider" checked under the music converter tab in dbPoweramp Configuration, Vista will no longer generate...
  9. Request to Make dBpowerAMP Work Under User Accounts

    I would like to add to the wish list a feature that dBpoweramp and DMC could support which is saving it's configuration for each user account in the future. Rather than needing to run as an...
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    Re: Ripper/LAME saving wrong tag type

    Just wondering if dbpoweramp could support saving it's configuration for each user account in the future? Rather than needing to run as an administrator? I often use a standard user account as my...
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    Re: MusicBraniz does not always work

    I'm having the same problem. I'm using 13.4 reference final release.

    Edit: Actually, it was just a couple of discs that weren't in the MusicBrainz database. It's working okay now.
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    Re: How Does An "Upgrade" Work In This Scenario

    Will people who register v13.3 now have to pay an additional fee if they want to upgrade to v14 when it's released?
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    Poll: Re: EAC vs dBpoweramp 13.3

    Sorry, my mistake. Logs set to "Complete" does actually log the track time index on each line where an error occured. Logs set to "Detailed" shows on one line the start to end time indexes such as...
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    Poll: Re: EAC vs dBpoweramp 13.3

    Yes, I've noticed this too. If you set the logs to "Detailed" it will show time indexes of suspcious rips. If you set it to "Complete", it will not. It will only show the c2 error pointer info and...
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    Re: Unreliable typing in fields at top of ripper

    I tested this on my computer (Vista SP1 64-bit, dBpoweramp Reference v13.3) with both the artist and year field at the top of the CD ripper (tried on various discs inserted) and I am not encountering...
  16. Re: Track ripped 'accurately' but contains insecure audio?

    Thanks for your reply. To be sure I understand; does this mean that the line "Insecure Audio from 00:02:44.760 to 00:02:44.773" is not an error present in the ripped track because it says...
  17. Track ripped 'accurately' but contains insecure audio?

    Hello all,

    I'm fairly new to dbpowerAmp, but I have done extensive reading of the website and forum as well as a lot of tinkering with the program itself.

    I have a question about an...
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