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    Is WMA10 better than WMA9 for Lossless

    I just ripped 400 of my 800 CD's with EAC to WMA Lossless v9 .. and now I realise that there is a v10 :-)

    Please tell me its makes little dufference as I am ripping to Lossless .. so I expect...
  2. Diference between v10 (freeware) and v13 (latest)

    I am an EAC user looking to move to dbPowerAmp after reading so many good reviews and some nice feature like AccurateRip, multiple CD DB's and both Fast and Secure ripping.

    I have both v10...
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    Rip to WMA Lossless

    I am considering moving from EAC/cDEX and have just installed latest ver (13) but cannot see how I can rip to WMA Lossless?

    I have the WMA9 Codec (as required by EAC) - am I missing something...
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