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  1. Sort order of lines when calculating checksums

    in dBpoweramp 2022-09-28 for Mac, when using the utility codec [Calculate Audio CRC], the checksums of the individual tracks are calculated in seemingly arbitrary order. Is there a way to tell...
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    Re: wavpack dsd support?

    Hi Spoon! Sorry if this sounds stupid, but does "the next update" mean that this is now implemented? I recently upgraded to dBpoweramp 2022-09-03 for macOS and can't seem to get this to work. In...
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    Re: Is AccurateRip 100% accurate?

    Hi bimsie20! If errors would occur during CD ripping, this would not result in anything like less bass or something similar. The errors would most probaby be audible as very distinct clicks or pops...
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    Re: Hi-Res to 16-bit/44.1kHZ Sanity Check

    In Example B, why is it necessary to increase bit depth before resampling?
  5. Re: Conditional Encoding: What is "Source Has Archive"?

    Thank you for the fast reply! The archive bit seems to be a file property in Microsoft Windows. How would this setting behave in the Mac version of dBpoweramp? The option is there, but I suspect...
  6. Conditional Encoding: What is "Source Has Archive"?

    Hi everyone,

    when using the DSP Effect 'Conditional Encoding', I do not fully understand its settings: How exactly do 'Source Has Archive Set' and 'Source Has Archive Unset' work? What do I need...
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    Re: Using CUE to split audio file

    Hi @Spoon,

    just to be clear: Are you saying that dBpoweramp will not split cue files at the current version, or are you saying dBpoweramp will never split cue files because you don't intend to...
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