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  1. Re: CD Ripper and Batch Converter No Longer Show in Windows Vista after Security Upda

    Hi BrodyBoy, if i had my way, i'd stick with Windows XP.
    Microsoft has drained enough of my money with Dos/Win3.1/Win95/98/Millenium/XP/Vista/and Windows 7. (and yes, i do still have my Dos...
  2. Re: CD Ripper and Batch Converter No Longer Show in Windows Vista after Security Upda


    Hi All,
    I've restored my PC to a point where I was able to apply all the Vista Updates EXCEPT for Security Update for Windows Vista for x64-Based Systems (KB3057839)

    dBPowerAmp now works....
  3. Re: CD Ripper

    I just tried to uninstall that update, but it did not uninstall it, as it appears to be part of some other updates.

    I prefer not to have to do a restore to a previous update.

    I do recall that...
  4. Re: CD Ripper

    Security Update for Windows Vista for x64-Based Systems (KB3057839) is the update that causes the issue.

    I started off by installing the MS Office updates, DB still worked.
  5. Re: CD Ripper

    Alright, restored to point before Vista updates were done.
    DbPowerAmp works.

    Now i'll apply all the MS Office updates only.

    Will post shortly.

  6. Re: CD Ripper

    Hi Spoon, let me do a System Restore to the day prior to the Installed Updates.

    Will advise shortly.
  7. Re: CD Ripper

    I'm using latest nVidia drivers, Video card: Geforce GTX 660TI,
    PC: i7 920 OC to 3.2GHz
    6GB ram
    Vista Home Premium SP2 64 Bit OS
  8. Re: CD Ripper

    Thanks for the update Spoon.

    I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX660TI, all video updates current.
    machine is Intel i& 920 @ 2.67 3.20 Ghz , 64 Bit Operating System with 6GB ram.
    Windows Vista Home...
  9. Re: CD Ripper

    Hello All, dBPowerAmp Batch Converter doesn't appear on the screen but the program seems to be running.
    same with CDRipper.

    However, dBpoweramp Configuration does show up, and so does dBpoweramp...
  10. Re: CD Ripper

  11. Re: CD Ripper

    Ive also re-verified , and there are no more Windows Updates available.
  12. Re: CD Ripper

    Seems the common denominator is the Vista Updates.
    I tried running dBPoweramp as Administrator, still the same thing.

    Mcafee shows dBpoweramp as an "authorized pgm".
  13. Re: CD Ripper

    Hi Spoon, i have the latest dBpoweramp r15.3 as well as the perfecttunes r1.7
    Antivirus is Mcafee
  14. Re: CD Ripper

    Hi! Glad you posted this, as I have the exact same issue.
    Tried same thing: un-install and re-install, but to no avail.

    I'm running Vista Home premium SP2 64-Bit

    Anyone else?
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