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  1. Re: Tracks have "Error", log says "Passed Verification"

    Hi Dat Ei,

    Thank you for describing this - it is not visually aparent that there is a LIST BOX with a selection option to the right of the text "Mark track as error if".
    Yes, indeed there is a...
  2. Re: Tracks have "Error", log says "Passed Verification"

    Hi Spoon,

    This is very strange - when I abort the ripping of the disc (with all those errors) and I restart CD Ripper I see the follwing:


    It seems to be just fine. However this is not...
  3. Tracks have "Error", log says "Passed Verification"


    I am unable to get a CD ripped with all the tracks exhibiting the following error:

    At the same time the log shows:
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    Re: Pinoneer DVR-S21LBK + USB 3 != Secure Rip

    Secure ripping works now.

    You wrote it, and you know your software, that's for sure. =)

    May I inquire: is this an issue with USB-connected drives in general or an illness of these...
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    Re: Problems with Nimbie and Batch Ripper

    Howdy dbpower7.

    I've posted in another thread how I go about dealing with having batch ripper control the nimbie robot reliably.

    I would however be interested to hear what your dbpa settings...
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    Pinoneer DVR-S21LBK + USB 3 != Secure Rip

    Dear Forum-goers and those in the know,

    I have a Nimbie NB21 (but the robot is not the issue here, I'm just mentioning it to provide ocmplete information) that has a SATA to USB 3.0 bridge running...
  7. Loss of communication between Nimbie Robot and Batch Ripper

    Setup: NB21 connected via USB3 to Windows 8.1 64bit.
    Problem: The Nimbie robot stops responding to DBPA such that the batch ripper waits forever for the robot to load a CD.
    This has been described...
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