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  1. Thread: Rip as One

    by bigbill

    Rip as One

    I own 13.5 and want to know if the newest version includes a way to just single click way to perform a rip as one of a CD? I buy audio books on CD and want them ripped as one file per CD but...
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    Ripping brings my workstation to a crawl...

    I have a reasonably fast workstation, i7 920, 6 gigs of ram, c and d drive using two fast SATA II drives. c is the os Win7 ultimate 64 bit. d is where I rip to. I rip cd's using Rip as 1, when I...
  3. How do I skip the Start & End Positions dialog box when using Rip As 1?

    I always rip my books with Rip As 1 and would like to figure out how to lower the number of mouse clicks required. Heck, it would be great if there were a way to have dbPoweramp up and when a CD is...
  4. Re: How do I reset [unique] back to 1 or some other number?

    Awsum! That did it. A reset button in a future version would be cool!
    Thanks Again!! -Bill
  5. How do I reset [unique] back to 1 or some other number?

    I want to be able to reset the unique number back to one when I get a new book to rip. How do I do that, can I have it shart with a particualar number? Thanks, Bill
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    Re: R14.x Requests and Suggestions

    Allow Rip as One to have a default value of all tracks so you don't have to click Ok every time Rip as One is clicked. What would even be better is to allow Rip as One to be a default when a Disc is...
  7. How do I override dbpa's Naming error about every track having the same filename.

    I primarly use dbpa cd ripper to rip my audiobook to a single file per cd (rip as one). If the CD Meta data program is working correctly it will often have the correct info including the disc number...
  8. Make the Title something other than Rip as One when Ripping each CD to a single file

    Its a real pain to keep editing the title field.. any ideas? -Bill
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    Re: Ripping books and auto naming

    The closest I can figure out is this

    [artist] - [title] ([album]) ([disc]) that gives you something like:
    Norma Williams - Rip as One (Northern Lightning CD01) (1)

    I think this would work...
  10. Re: How Do I Rip A CD As Just One Long Audio File?

    Bummer, I purchase audio books and want to rip them to MP3 CD's so I can have one book per cd. The rip as one is great for this. I would love to figure out a way to pop the cd in and have it auto...
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    Ripping books and auto naming

    I found the Rip to 1, which is awsum. But I would like to have it auto name them like Bookname[disk] But when I try that it won't let me saying they would all be named the same. which I do not...
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