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dBpoweramp R202x Release

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  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
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    Added AccurateRip metadata, a new high quality metadata database to take replace freedb.

    We have updated the registered download page, R2024-5-30 requires Big Sur, R2024-5-01 is available on the legacy download page for those with macOS 10.13 or those between.

    With this update, selected metadata providers are set to a new default.

    CD Bug Fix: CD Ripper: if a track required re-ripping of bad frames, then AccurateRip cross checking of pressings for that one track would fail [macOS]
    CD Ripper: Manual meta page, handles 5 providers, only shows active providers
    CD Ripper: new menu option 'After Metadata Display Review Metadata' to auto show the review page
    CD Ripper: Review Perfect Metadata menu item renamed to Review Metadata
    CD Ripper: CD-Text is now part of PerfectMeta if enabled (off by default), it will show on metadata review page
    CD Ripper: Musicbrainz could stall lookup, now much faster
    CD Ripper: default naming has ", Disc x" on multi disc in file path and no longer defaults to putting ', Disc ' on the end of the album name.
    CD Ripper: ID Tags & Metadata Can edit the multi artist detection values
    CD Ripper: multi artist detection also detects with (xxx and [xxx and removes end ) or ]
    CD Ripper: ID Tags from providers unicode \u2010 is replaced with -
    CD Ripper: wierd unicode spaces are standardized to ' '
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