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Copy lyrics from iTunes linrary

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  • Guntis
    • Apr 2022
    • 6

    Copy lyrics from iTunes linrary

    I ripped all my CD library in ALAC (Apple lossless) format. At the same time I have the same tracks on my Mac in MP3 format (when I purchase CDs from Amazon, they offer MP3 version immediately for download), and all of them have manually added lyrics. Now I consider replacing MP3 files with the ripped ALAC version, but if I replace I loose all the lyrics.

    It would be nice if there would be an app which could compare either two folders and copy lyrics from one set of files to another, or compare iTunes library to the selected folder, and copy lyrics. At the same time track names may slightly differ, so track numbering could also be considered when copying lyrics.

    Could you develop such app and add it to the dBpoweramp app set? Or could this be a new feature in Music Converter?