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How do I batch rip audiobooks

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  • mville
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • Dec 2008
    • 4015

    Re: How do I batch rip audiobooks

    There is something odd/wrong in the software here. Initially, I could not get:

    IF Genre=[anyvalue]
    SET Comment=[tag]Batchname[]

    to work.

    However, after several edits, i.e. creating/editing the Batchname tag using Edit ID-Tag and the different scenarios described earlier in this thread, I now have this working every time, post rip, using the ID Tag Update utility codec>Rule Based Manipulation.

    As yet, I don't why, sorry.


    • GeekEmeritus
      • Sep 2010
      • 17

      Re: How do I batch rip audiobooks

      I agree that dbPoweramp has some strange quirks and problems. I guess it is time to give up on this one.

      The really serious problem is that randomly disks will not get ripped. AccruateRip says they are good, and if secure is on, they are declared secure. The file size and length is correct, but there is no sound. It happens about 2 out of 10 rips. The only way to know if you get a good one is to test-listen to each disk.

      dbP has worked great for 2+ years, and both of these difficulties started when I upgraded to 15.2. Do you know where I can find the previous version? I can't find it on the illustrate web site. (Also quirky, BTW!)


      • Spoon
        • Apr 2002
        • 44007

        Re: How do I batch rip audiobooks

        We do not offer older versions. If AccurateRip verified the rip then there is audio, what do you rip to? try converting to wave then play that wave file, does it play?