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Command line support for mac?

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  • AndrewH
    • May 2024
    • 4

    Command line support for mac?

    Hi all,
    I'm working with my IT guy on trying to create a script on my mac that would copy selected .wavs to a different folder, rename them, open dBpoweramp Music Converter, convert to mp3, then delete the remaining .wav files. Obviously, copying, moving, renaming, deleting the files is all doable. We are trying to figure out if there is a way to control dBpoweramp via command line on mac. Is there support for something like this? Or is this something that is coming in the future?
  • PeterP
    Super Moderator
    • Jul 2011
    • 1398

    Commandline support exists in dBpoweramp Reference, though it's slightly obfuscated.
    To invoke it, use:
    /Applications/dBpoweramp\ Music\ Converter.app/Contents/MacOS/dBpoweramp\ Music\ Converter -coreconverter
    The semantics are then similar to those of CoreConverter.exe on Windows - pass additional arguments after -coreconverter.


    • AndrewH
      • May 2024
      • 4

      That's it! Thank you!


      • AndrewH
        • May 2024
        • 4

        Hey I wanted to follow up on this. We've got a script up and running that is converting my audio files and working great!

        My question is this: when I want to covert, multiple .wav file to .mp3s, I can select all of them, right click, select convert with dBpoweramp, choose my settings, and it will convert all the files simultaneously. Is there a way in command line to have multiple files convert all at the same time? If there is would you be able to give me an example?



        • Spoon
          • Apr 2002
          • 44179

          The converter takes one file at a time, your script would have to loop through all the files calling multiple times