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ID-Tag problem

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  • y2j514
    • May 2009
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    ID-Tag problem

    Ok, so I know dbpoweramp is not for videos - but I do occasionally use its functionality for it.

    I've been ripping a lot of my Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs to my computer and converting them to wmv with other software so I can watch them on my HDTV through my Xbox 360 (recently moved out of parents house and no longer have a blu-ray player :( ).

    Anyways, so I like to keep all my video files organized with Album art. So I use dbpoweramp to embed a picture. I essentially right click on the file, press "Edit ID-Tag" then add album art at the bottom. It takes about 20minutes of rebuilding the file - and tada wmv with embeded "thumbnail".

    I've recently ran into a problem with my Wall-E.wmv file. When I right click on it, press "Edit Id-tag" the normal window pops up but theres a little extra text saying "Contains no ID-tag" Like such:

    So, if I add any tags, or album art it apparently works. Except when I press OK, the window immediately goes away - which is odd because if I add art it takes upwards of 20 minutes. Then if I right click and Edit ID-tags again, everything is erased and it looks exactly like the above image again.

    Any ideas?