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CD Ripper Naming for Classical

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  • MarkSealey
    • Nov 2020
    • 24

    CD Ripper Naming for Classical

    First, a big Thank you for dBpoweramp; am using it extensively for ripping (and converting formats) prior to importing into Roon; (hope a new version of dBpoweramp will come along soon - so that I can help by pay for an upgrade )

    I'm struggling with Naming, though; have consulted both this page and https://www.dbpoweramp.com/help/dmc/Naming.htm.

    Is there perhaps a simpler/'beginner' tutorial, please?

    My CDs are exclusively 'classical'. So what counts is Composer and then Album(s) Title(s)… I don't need Artists in the folder names. I appreciate that Naming is built on a series of elements, each of which seems to be surrounded by [square brackets] separate by a backslash.

    May I ask for help in two ways, please, @Spoon:
    1. how do I recover and/or reset your default(/'base')patterns (in the Naming dropdown > Set at bottom left of Release 2024-02-01 (6) on macOS 13.6.4: I've managed to clobber the default and now can't rip anything?
    2. how do I create a Dynamic Naming pattern which will rip from both Single and Multiple drives and puts all the ripped tracks/files in their own folder, a folder which is named simply by the CD's Composer and Album title. [HTML][album]\[album][/HTML] doesn't work: one of the two rips gets overwritten by the second one?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance here :-) …
  • mville
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • Dec 2008
    • 4015

    Re: CD Ripper Naming for Classical

    A popular CD will usually contain a single album artist, where each track contains the same artist OR is a compilation where the artist is different for each track.

    The default naming string handles this situation, using the album artist tag and the compilation tag when creating the top-level folder, the album tag when creating the sub-folder, and the artist tag when creating the track filename e.g.:

    folder album artist OR compilation
    sub folder album
    filename track artist - title

    So, for the default naming string to work, you will need to populate the album artist, compilation and artist tags (and the track and title tags).

    Possible solution for Classical CDs:
    For classical CDs based on composer, simply use the composer tag instead of the album artist tag, the compilation tag, and the composer tag instead of the artist tag.

    So, based on the default naming string:
    [MAXLENGTH]80,[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[album][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[track] [artist] - [title][]

    you can try this string:
    [MAXLENGTH]80,[IFCOMP]Various[][IF!COMP][composer][][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[album][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[track] [composer] - [title][]

    NB. I add disc number to the track number, to keep filenames unique e.g. instead of [track], I use [disc].[track].


    • MarkSealey
      • Nov 2020
      • 24

      Re: CD Ripper Naming for Classical

      Thank you very much, @mville!

      The context and explanations you provide are really helpful: now I have a much better understanding of how it works; I also see that a backslash means: "go 'down' one level" and so create sub-folders.

      I am sure I can move forward.

      Although I am still not sure what the:

      ‘Current metadata’

      options do here; and when to use them, please:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	three options at bottom.jpeg
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      Thanks again!