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HDCD suddenly not working in CD Ripper

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    • Jan 2013
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    HDCD suddenly not working in CD Ripper

    My HDCD DSP suddenly not working...only outputs 1411k 16bit files.
    HP desktop running Windows 10.
    dBpoweramp R17 original download and now with 2023-01-20 update installed.
    Verified issue on multiple drives.

    I have been using dbpoweramp since 2013 without any HDCD issues.
    Started using dBpa in 2013 under version R14.
    Last year upgraded to version R17.
    No problems using this feature until noticed it tonight.
    When I identify a HDCD labelled CD, I check it with Foobar to see if the disc uses peak extend.
    If it does, then I engage the HDCD DSP and rip it as a 24bit file (always wav files for me).

    The last known HDCD disc that I ripped as a 24 bit file was done in November 2022, so this problem has cropped sometime since then.
    Again, I have been using this feature for years thru different reference versions, so I am familiar with howt to use it.
    Tonight, I uninstalled dBpa and reinstalled. Problem still exists.
    Is there a DSP update that I need to do or what could be the problem?

    Need help.
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    • Jan 2013
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    Re: HDCD suddenly not working in CD Ripper

    When dBpa HDCD DSP was working, I would get 2116k output files.
    Problem now is I'm only getting a 1411k 16 bit rip no matter what.
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    • schmidj
      dBpoweramp Guru
      • Nov 2013
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      Re: HDCD suddenly not working in CD Ripper

      Have you tried re-ripping one of the HDCD disks that previously gave you the 24 bit file? Not all of the CDs that identify as HDCD use all or any of the options. There are many CDs that used the HDCD A to D converter/encoder just because they liked its sound. They may flag as HDCD but contain no HDCD information. I'm not sure how the HDCD DSP reacts in such cases.


      • DBPA ROCKS!
        • Jan 2013
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        Re: HDCD suddenly not working in CD Ripper

        Yes, I have tried the last disc successfully ripped with HDCD with 2116k output files and my dBpa ripper no longer works on that disc either...only outputs 1411k files now.
        I'm very familiar with HDCD technology and the different aspects.
        These discs I'm trying to rip now do indeed use the Peak Extend which is the HDCD feature that makes the difference.
        (For the poster that mentioned it, if you rip a HDCD labelled CD without Peak Extend with the HDCD DSP on, CD ripper in the past would output a 2116k file but there's no audible difference from if ripped 16bit...same peak volume etc because there is not really any HDCD advantage processing going on if no Peak Extend on the disc.)
        I also use Foobar to test each disc before ripping to determine the HDCD disc actually uses the Peak Extend feature.
        I also tried ripping the current discs using Musicbee and MB outputs as 24 bit file with no problem as it always has.
        So it's only my dBpa CD ripper that is not working now.
        My dBpa CD ripper Track Technical column indicates HDCD and the ripping results indicate "HDCD Track Detected"...it just doesn't output a higher bitrate file like it has done for years of using dBpa.

        So bottom line, something has gone awry or something has changed that is causing my dBpa CD ripper not to output proper ripping results on HDCD files.
        No clue why though.


        • DBPA ROCKS!
          • Jan 2013
          • 40

          Re: HDCD suddenly not working in CD Ripper

          FINALLY figured it out.
          Somehow, the "Bit Depth" dropdown box in Encoder had got changed from "as source" to "16 bit", so dBpa was outputting everything as 16 bit regardless of any DSP's engaged.
          It must have got "changed" in error as I was trying to navigate the tabs/boxes between Tags, Encoder and DSP settings at the bottom of the ripper screen.
          This was driving me crazy.
          So glad to finally get it figured out.