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Converter saving Flacs to Windows Music Library & to different location and drive!!

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  • PicklePot
    • Oct 2023
    • 2

    Converter saving Flacs to Windows Music Library & to different location and drive!!

    Hello everyone,

    First and foremost, I would like to mention that I am new to this community and this is my very first post. I will do my best to articulate the issue I am currently facing.
    I have been using dBpoweramp for batch converting audio files, specifically to the FLAC format. However, I've encountered a persistent issue where the converted FLAC files are not saved in the original source folder or even on the same physical drive. For context, the original files are stored on an external E:/ drive.

    Instead of saving the converted files in the expected location, dBpoweramp seems to be defaulting to the Windows Music library folder, which appears to be linked to OneDrive. This happens regardless of any attempts I make to change the save location. Additionally, if I try to delete the file from this unwanted location, it immediately reappears.

    I have ensured that no files are linked in the Music library, but when I attempt to change the settings or disconnect from OneDrive, Windows presents a message stating, "Music is an important Windows file and it points to OneDrive," preventing me from making any changes.

    This issue took me some time to identify. Initially, I noticed that my original files were disappearing (the only DSP set was "delete source file"). Not seeing any new FLAC files in the expected location, I grew concerned. To troubleshoot, I copied the original files back into the source folder and attempted the conversion again. To my surprise, dBpoweramp prompted me to overwrite existing FLAC files, indicating that there were indeed copies of the files somewhere on my system. Upon further investigation, I discovered the converted FLAC files on my C:/ drive, in a completely different location than the original external drive. dBpoweramp had even gone as far as to create new folders for these files.

    Interestingly, this issue does not occur when converting FLAC files to other formats; it seems to be specific to the FLAC conversion process.

    I am reaching out to this community in hopes of finding a solution or receiving guidance on how to resolve this issue. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated.
    I know I may be stupid but as far as I can tell, this type of thing technically seems to be impossible as dbPowerAmp converts and saves flac files to the source folder.

    Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44000

    Re: Converter saving Flacs to Windows Music Library & to different location and drive

    What is naming set to?


    • PicklePot
      • Oct 2023
      • 2

      Re: Converter saving Flacs to Windows Music Library & to different location and drive


      I fixed it. Your naming prompt made me look at the settings, and the naming was wrong for Flac conversion. When I converted to all other formats, the naming was to the original source, but the FLAC conversion setting had it pointed to my music folder for some reason. i It's simple when you have someone to ask.

      Many thanks indeed I had totally missed that...
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